Friday, September 07, 2007

Celebration & Perspective

Celebrate with me - do a little dance - you too, Heines! Those Virginia people dance too, right? Hee,Hee

Call your neighbors and share the joy!

I am feeling BETTER!!! That's right, folks. I hit the twelve-week marker this past Monday and almost instantly, like a cloud had lifted, I started to feel better. I still have flashes and times of nasuea, but it's not what it used to be.

I had already noticed a difference in my mornings and afternoons being less nasueas the past two weeks, but the evenings contined to be VERY rough for me, with lots of throwing up.

However, the past two nights have been great, with the nausea that I do feel being managed by chewing a piece of Orbit Mint Gum (bless that little piece of gooey gum!)

And suddenly, I am able to sit at my computer, and actually feel the will to type words and sentences. To want to communicate - indeed, to catch up even. I think I might even be able to go out on a date with my husband in the evening.

So, watch the blog. I may have to blog in several short snapshots to catch everyone up (inlcluding myself) and get current with everything that's going on.

So, praise Him with me. He is SO incredibly gracious! He is the God who holds our hand as we puke in the toilet and dances with us as we do happy dances of thanksgiving when its finally over.

At one point in my first trimester, I was on some WONDERFUL little meds called Zofran, a nausea reducer that is now commonly given to chemotherapy patients. As I lay near the toilet, night after night, somtimes crying from the sheer exhaustion of battling hour after hour of nausea and throwing up seven times in row, God would remind me to pray for these patients, these people, who fight and battle for their lives from this very same position.

So I am, in my computer incompetence, wanting to link a few blogger sites of places where you can go, and see the journey of some of the these amazing Christians, trusting God with their very lives, as they battle cancer in its various forms and stages. You can start with (I am SO sorry, I DON'T know how to hpyerlink yet - I'm sure it's something simple...Tracy, can you show me? I need your help!)

Here you can follow Heather's story as she posts about living and coping with brain cancer. Her posts regularly have me on my knees and in tears.

You can also go over to for her blog called Life. Marisa is dealing with an advanced breast cancer diagnosis.

There are so many others that God has put in my heart and mind lately. Most of you know that my friend Joy battled cancer and graduated to heaven this past December. She is still in my heart, and her husband, Adam, still in our familys' prayertime.

So join me in my celebration(I LOVE it when my sisterchick Brandie does her happy dance! :) and join with millions of other Christians as we storm the gates of heaven for these sisters in Christ.


Brandie said...

I'm doing my happy dance for your right now sisterchickie :0)
Praise Jesus your feeling better.
I am so excited about this new little blessing God is knitting together in your womb. Boy or Girl (when are you finding out by the way??) it will be an incredible blessing and he/she will bring so much joy. I can hardly wait!!
I'm so glad that we will be starting over with newborns together. We've been through so much together already with our girls. It's been amazing to watch them grow over the past few years. So much to look forward to my friend.

Know that you ALL (Smithlet included) continue to be in my prayers.
Love ya,

Nicole said...

Soooo glad that your are feeling better, and I am looking forward to your big tummy growing and growing until you get that "cartoonish" belly that I love so much!