Monday, September 10, 2007

A Church Plant Blooms

I haven't really had the chance to blog much about this, but as most of you know, we are helping our friends Scott and Christy to start a brand-new church plant. Brian is the worship leader, and Scott (he is finishing seminary) is the pastor. God has REALLY worked out all of the details, from church sponsorships/affiliations to a nursery for the kids. We are meeting at a Improv Theater at Peoria/Loop 101. The children's facilites are located directly next door at the Peoria Avenue Preschool(the theater and preschool are side by side in a strip mall). The theater has a stage, a sound system, a TV screen hooked into a computer, and all of the chairs, etc. set up. The preschool has five rooms that we are allowed to use, with the church having FULL access to the entire facility and the use of their toys, cribs, etc. It's such an amazing set-up that you have to stand back and know that God's hand has been all over this.
The name of the church is The Way Fellowship Church. The website is, but we don't really have very much on the site yet.
We had our very first Sunday service yesterday. It was SUCH a busy and, I will admit, stressful week leading up to the service. There were countless details to nail down, and my husband was beyond busy with worship band practice, gathering a sound system, picking out a set, etc.
Still, we were able to relax a little on Saturday, and pray it up for Sunday morning. We have had SO many people say that they are interested in coming to the chruch, that we didn't have ANY idea of how many people to expect. I'm helping in children's ministry right now, and we had the fear of having swarms of children with not enough childen's workers.
As it turned out, though, we had about 40 people TOTAL for our first Sunday, and that was including the 10 kids we had over at the children's church. I think our little band of core couples were a little dissapointed at first before we remembered that this was ALL about God and not about us.
And althgouh I didn't get to be a part of the service, Brian told me that worship was AMAZING and the sermon was great!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for their prayers and support as we have joined God on this new adventure.
We're not sure how long God will ask us to be a part of this chruch, be we know that this is one of the reasons that God has asked us to obey and stay in Phoenix for now.....
Oh, BTW, we are all a bunch of dork because I don't think even ONE of us grabbed a camera to take pics of our first Sunday. I'll make sure to take our camera this next Sunday to take pics and then share them with you all!


Tracy said...

Yup I forgot my camera too! I can't believe that! Oh well it was a great day and even though it was a little small that is a great way to start!! There will be many more showing up to learn about God's you said the Church will "bloom"

Nicole said...

Our "clan" will be there this Sunday and we are all pumped and ready to go!!! Do you think it woud be too much if we bring an air horn??? Is Pastor Randy Couture speaking?


Scott Heine said...

Whoohoo! I'm so excited for you guys! I wish I could be there to worship with you one Sunday. Someone take some pics, okay?