Friday, September 21, 2007

The Appointment Is Set

I had my OB appointment for my regular tummy check yesterday...

By the way, I remember VERY clearly how looong each of those monthly appointments seemed from each other when I was pregnant with K-Bug. I would sometimes check the calendar several times in a day just to see *again* when my next appointment was.

Now, I feel like, "Wasn't I just here? Where did the time go? Where did August go?"

"What day is it again?" :)

Anyway, I had my appointment yesterday, and at said appointment, I was able to make the NEXT appointment where we will find out what the new little Smithlet will be.

Tuesday, October 16th.

Votes on the blog have many of you pulling and rooting for me to have a boy this time around, and K-Bug has requested a "brudder", as she pointed out that she already has a sister. :)

We'll see what God has baking in the oven in just a few short weeks! :)


Brandie said...

October 16th - I'm keeping you in my prayers for a healthy baby (boy or girl). I can't wait for you all to know - either way, it's an incredible blessing to your family. I am so surprised at how often kids are right about guessing the gender of unborn babies. It's pretty amazing!
Love ya sisterchickie,

Andrea said...

I think a "brudder" would be awesome for the Smith household! Poor Brian is quickly being outnumbered by all the girls! :)

Angela said...

I'm cheering for a boy. If its a girl, I have some boxes of stuff to return to you. As Amy L. would say "Praise Jesus" that you are no longer pukey.

Lindsay said...

I am so glad time seems to be flying for you! That is a blessing for sure! I am excited to find out what this little one is! It's just around the corner!

We need to do more park days! :) I am looking forward to talking to you more!!!!