Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still Here..

Hello All,

I'm still here. I plan to put my fingers to the keyboard very soon so that I can:
1. Post new pictures of the kiddos
2. Talk about my birthday
3. Post some summer salad recipes

And more!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Remembering Maria...

My husband often teases me that for someone with a music degree from college, I sure listen to a lot of talk radio...

It's true. There are a lot of Christian and conservative political talk shows that I like.

However, music plays a deep part in my life - both in creating it myself and in listening to it played.

And perhaps no other singer/songwriter has affected me the way Steven Curtis Chapman has. Everything from his lyrics, to his music, and even the way he has lived an amazing family life in a very public eye, has impacted my Christian walk in some way.

This morning I learned the very tragic news that the youngest of the Chapman's adopted daugthers was killed yesterday as she was accidentally run over in the family's driveway. The death of Maria Chapman came just ten days after her fifth birthday, and just hours after the annoucement of the Chapman's oldest daugther's engagement.

This is an amazing family, and I am shedding tears even as I write. I can't imagine their current pain. You can visit Steven's website, see a blog set up in Maria's memory, and send your own condolances by visiting Steven's website.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

a hundred and WHAT???


It is supposed to be a record-breaking 110 degrees today. I haven’t been brave enough to venture outside to find out….I rather like my air conditioning.

Unlike my friend Jules, who’s been trying to wear her tank tops and flip-flops since January, I am NOT a friend of scorching HOT weather....I actually really love the cold...sweaters, jeans, jackets, hot chocolate...:)

And to my friend Jess moving to Oregon, my friend Tracy moving to Chicago, and my dear friends the Heine’s living in Virginia… are NOT allowed to rub it in…

Oh well...I will choose to focus on the good things that searing heat can bring. Like my Bird of Paradise in my front yard – they bloom a beautiful orange and yellow at the first hint of triple digit weather ( Wow…amazing that God made a plant that blooms because of such heat)

And, a BIG plus is that the oven-like conditions will kill all of the germs that have made my kids sick these past few weeks.

Fry, germs, fry……
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Sick Of Being Sick

On Friday night, Lorlein started running a fever. Thinking it was most likely an ear infection, I took her to the Urgent Care near our house. Nope….no ear infection. Then Saturday night she sounded off like a big croupy seal. She had J-boy’s croup. And what a case she has. Saturday night found us with about 3-4 hours asleep for both her and I.
Her breathing was pretty ragged all day yesterday, so in the evening I took her to the pediatric urgent care. They gave her a prescription for some oral steroids to help her airways stay open.
She had a better night last night, but woke up at 5:30 a.m this morning with her yucky cough and a low-grade fever (which she has run off and on the last few days)
Croup is a virus – it has to run its course. Which means, for now, that I also have no choice except to deal with it and to pray.
Lorelin is a high-need kind of girl when she is sick. She doesn’t sleep and she follows me around the house EVERYWHERE (even into the bathroom). She’s never been a big TV kid (thankfully, except for when she’s sick) and while she easily gets bored lying on the couch, she doesn’t want to play with her toys either.
I canceled plans with my friend Jess on Friday night, and canceled a group date on Saturday night too. I reached a breaking point last night as I looked around at all that still needed to be done in the house. My hubby found me on the couch, crying my eyes out. He wisely and very sweetly sent me immediately to bed while he stayed up to clean the kitchen, do the dishes, finish washing/drying the laundry, and deal with Joshua’s late-night feed.
That, my bloggity friends, is true love in action.
After almost two weeks of sprained ankles and sick kiddos, I am feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.
I am ready to have a healthy family again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Puddle Ducks

Last week the girlies watched an episode of Curious George (only the coolest cartoon out there!)where he filled a swimming pool to entice some ducks swimming in a large puddle to stay and play.

Immediately after the episode, Lorelin asked for her own bowl of water so that she could play "puddle ducks" I set her up in the kitchen with a tupperware container and a towel. We also found about 6 rubber duckies that we had as bath toys. Soon enough, though, her sissy wanted in on the fun, and the duckies invited all of thier other friends to come and take a dip.

Swim, everyone, swim!
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BIG Croupy Boy....


Hello All....

I have so many blog posts that I'd like to do...I'm definitely feeling a little behind...just a quick update on J-boy - we'll move from today and go backwards

TODAY - J-Boy is recovering from his first illness - a lovely bout of croup. He had had a VERY mild runny nose the past few days - almost completely clear stuff too, no yellow yuckies. So I was surprised to hear him wake up Sunday night with the very distinctive croupy cough. I surprised myself, as well, by not completley freaking out. This is my fifth (maybe even sixth?) time to deal with croup though...I guess my children must be prone to it. I knew what to listen and look for, all of the danger signs (he didn't have any) and how best to give him some relief. It was still a long night though, and I have slept the past two nights on the floor in his room, just to be close in case he needs me.
My dear hubby took him to the pediatrician yesterday, where they gave him a steroid shot in his chubby little leg. He had a good night last night, breathing well overall, and sleeping soundly.

SUNDAY - We dedicated J-Boy in the very first baby dedication held by our tiny little church. It was a geat way to celebrate Mother's Day with our new little guy! {It also made me think of when we dedicated our girls at Compass...miss you Scott! Hope your Mother's Day service in your new church was awesome too!} My brother and sis-in-law were also visiting from South Carolina, so having them there for the dedication and to visit was extra special!

THURSDAY - This past Thursday J-Boy went for his two month checkup. At ten weeks old, he is such a BIG BOY! :) Our pediatrician kept saying, "He's just sooo big! " He weighed in at 13 lbs, 10.5 oz. - at the 90% for his weight for his age group. He was at the 70% for his height and the 60% for his head size (he has such a cute little noggin..)

Speaking of J-Boy, I hear him fussing, although he should be napping...guess I'll sign off for now...

Oh, just a side-note about my dear hubby's ankle. Although it is very badly bruised, it is not broken, and he is up and moving, albeit very slowly.
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Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Glass Of Iced Tea & A Hot Shower...

That’s all I want, and it doesn’t even matter what order. I am exhausted!

Yesterday afternoon my dear hubby called me on his way home from his kung-fu workout (as he normally does) with the greeting, “I um….kind-of hurt myself.”

“What did you do?” I asked. He often comes home with rug burns on his arms, or an occasional black eye (they do some heavy-duty sparring and ground maneuvering in class),so I thought it was probably something along those lines.

“I sprained my ankle and I can’t walk very well….well…hardly at all…and it’s swelling a lot. Do we have any ibuprofen?”

So, I grabbed the ice pack, a couple of ibuprofen, and some pillows to ready myself for his arrival.

Sure enough, he hobbled in, barely able to walk. Poor guy! He was extra super bummed, since last night also happened to be our girlies preschool birthday party. We held it at a facility with lots of those big inflatable bouncie and alas,Daddy was unable to hop or bounce at all.

He looked on last night with his ankle propped (and iced) as the rest of us played. This morning the ankle seemed better – less swollen, not as much pain (he said). He played it safe by staying home from his morning shift at work, but went to work a short afternoon shift.

Unfortunately, the ankle is super swollen tonight. We are still watching it, icing it, propping it, and praying that is indeed just a sprain.

But, in the meantime, as you can imagine, I am the primary hands and feet for everyone in the household. I am truly not complaining, instead, this has made me VERY thankful for how much my dear hubby normally helps me with the kiddos and the house.

Dear Lord, please quickly heal my hubby’s ankle, and give me the strength to be the hands and feet for our family in the meantime.

Now…for that glass of iced tea…

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pretty, Pretty Princesses....



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I Hate....

PMS. My hormones are such fussy things, and once-a-month they kick into overdrive. I become moody, weepy, and grumpy. I get cramps and backaches and headaches.

I did NOT miss my PMS while I was pregnant. Of course, I had that nausea thing going on and the gestational diabetes, but still……

My PMS has always been a struggle for me. I’ve tried many different courses of action over the years. I have even gone as far to visit a homeopathic nurse practioner, who gave me some kind of natural hormone balancer that looked like thick molasses. You were supposed to place it under your tongue and keep it there for at least ten minutes while it slowly absorbed.

It was very goopy and glucky and it tasted yucky.

I’ve read books, tried exercise, rubbed yam (yup, like the sweet potato) cream on my arm, and taken large amounts of primrose oil.

Finally, a little over a year ago, I stumbled onto a natural supplement called Premcal
It is a blend of vitamins found to be effective in reducing PMS symptoms. I was definitely wary, but the price was right, and there did seem to be some genuine testimonials on the website.

So, I ordered a bottle and started taking it. It took about a month of the vitamins being in my system for me to see a difference, but then – Wow! – the difference was amazing! (I feel like such a cheesy infomercial saying it like that, but it’s true)

I was estatic to find something that truly helped me to manage my PMS, instead of feeling like it was managing me. However, nine months of pregnancy and a forgetful brain…. my first two bouts of PMS after the birth of Joshua have been real bears.

So, it’s back to the Premcal. I am hoping that next month will find me in a happier state of mind, even if it is “that time of month”.

WARNING: Busy Week Ahead!

Good Tuesday all! After a rather relaxed weekend of doing laundry and playing Pretty Pretty Princess, it’s a full week and full steam ahead.
Last-night I enjoyed dinner out with a good friend of mine who will be moving in a few weeks….sniff,sniff…while sad, we had such a wonderful time together.
Tonight I will be heading to Entrees Made Easy to put together 12 wonderful meals to help feed our family for the next month. HOORAY!! These pre-assembled meals are such a blessing to our family while baby J-boy is still so young. A big plus is that my friend Tracy has agreed to come and help keep me company while I am there!! Two friends in two nights - my social spirit is feeling very sparkly!
My sis-in-law will be visiting from South Carolina this week - she’ll be arriving on Wednesday. We are doing a birthday party for our girlies and their preschool friends this Wednesday night (with family parties to follow. Thursday is J-Boy's two month check-up (although he'll actually be ten weeks old We'll round out the weekend by celebrating Mother’s Day with a visit from my brother and a baby dedication for J-boy.