Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sweet Potatoes Ain't Always Sweet...

For the last few days, I have been smelling an odd odor coming from the pantry in my kitchen. I had looked through all of the contents I thought might smell strange...but no luck. Today, however, the smell was stronger than ever, and I was determined to find it and be rid of it once and for all. Digging in the lowest shelf in the back of the pantry, I found a sack of VERY ROTTEN, VERY MOLDY, VERY LIQUIDY, VERY STINKY sweet potatoes. Making what I thought was a quick move to transfer the sack into the kitchen trash to be immediately taken out, the sweet potatoes (and all of their yucky brown juices) spilled out onto the floor with a mucky wet splat. Rotten chunks of sweet potato flew onto the walls, my feet (and my flip-flops) and the sides of the trashcan. Immediately the kitchen smelled like a dirty diaper on steroids (the smell was really that bad!). As you take into account that we were literally about to walk out the door to drive to K-Bug's swim lesson, the moments immediately following the "potato incident" went a little something like this:
K-Bug: Oh, no! Are you OK?
Hubby: EWWW? What smells?
Lorelin: oh-no-smelly!
Hubby: Girls - get back - NO, DON'T TOUCH! Get back!
Me: Get me a paper towel, a dish-rag, anything!
K-Bug: It's a big mess alright...
Lorelin: oh-no-smelly
Hubby: Girls - get back - STEP AWAY FROM THE PUDDLE!

We did somehow manage to get the mess cleaned up (without any help from the girls) and still make it on time to the swim lesson. Still, our kitchen carried the smell for hours, wearing it like a badge for it's part in drama. Who knew vegetables could be so ruthless (or so stinky?)

My Birthday...

Well folks, last Friday was my birthday - my twenty-eighth birthday - to be exact. Now, I wish I could tell you that I am aging ever so gracefully, but in truth, it freaks me out a little to be so close to the age of "30". I distinctly remember being in my teens, and thinking that "30" sounded very....old. My own dear hubby turned 30 last year with all the grace in the world - didn't bat an eyelash (which is too bad, as he has very cute eyelashes...:) However, all of my freaked-out feelings aside, I wanted to give you a list of of why this birthday was one of my best and most blessed to date...
(1). My mother-in-law sent me some amazing flowers that were very unexpected. They were Irises - and for the past few days - they have bloomed into colors of deep purple, bright yellow, and pure white right before my very eyes. Thanks Susan!
(2). My parents knocked on the door the morning (quite early in the morning) of my birthday with cookies and balloons in hand. My family enjoyed the cookies and my girls are still enjoying "Mommy's birthday balloon"
(3). My dearest friends and Sisterchicks gave me expressions of their love all over the place - phone calls, cards, and sweet and unexpected gifts.... I felt so incredibly loved... Andrea gave me a candle that she knew I loved, Brandie gave me the means to go and treat myself to a Jamba Juice (which I did last night!), Jess gave me a mug and a gift certificate to go out and get a new book, Jules gave me a yummy caramel drink from Starbucks, Nickle-Pickle gave me a gift certificate to Old Navy (where I bought the CUTEST sundress)the list goes on...:) I actually shed a happy tear or two in my gratefulness to God for giving me these friends!!
(4). My parents graciously baby-sat for Bri and I as we went out to dinner and then over to the Robinson's house to watch some UFC. My dear Nickle-Pickle had gotten me some cheesecake, and insisted that we put candles in it and have everyone sing Happy Birthday. I was also gifted with an...ahem...rather interesting pair of wacky ladies know who you are!
(5). I spent three hours on my actual birthday in the Urgent Care for an bladder infection. You might wonder why this made the list of things that mad eme birthday so awesome - honestly, because it was just a time of thankfulness for me - thankful that I live in a country where I can go and get the medical treatment I need. Also, all the doctors and nurses wished me a Happy Birthday after seeing my date of birth on the chart - nothing like getting birthday wishes from happy, smiling strangers!!
(6). My dear hubby bought me a giant scrapbooking kit from Costco, which was just the most perfect gift for me - I love it and have already used it! Thanks again, honey!!
(7). My best friend Christy, in the middle of what has been one of the most stressful times of her life, still surprised me with an awesome birthday present that meant worlds to me.
(8). My Mom put together a scrap-book night at her house, where my friends came together and we did a lot of chatting and little-bit of scrapping for a few hours in a totally relaxed environment. It was AWESOME!! Most notably, my Mom prayed a prayer for all of us in which she told the Lord (out-loud) how much she loved me - thanks Mom, I love you TOO!

Lord, thank you for granting me another year here. Please work through me to bring more glory to you.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Keep Smiling !!

I just wanted to relay a quick experience I had about a week ago that left a deep impression on me. I was out on a Thursday morning shopping at Wally World for a new toilet bowl brush (WE REALLY NEEDED ONE, OK?) after having a leisurely breakfast with friends. My precious Mother was watching the kiddos for the morning and I was practically celebrating the short break. As I walked through Wal-Mart, I found myself smiling, and as I went through the check-out line (with only a toilet bowl brush..the fact that I went into Wal-Mart and came out with one item is just strange...) I cheerfully asked the clerk "Are you having fun today?" "Oh yes," she said with a smile, "I have fun everyday. Life is too short not to have fun!" We exchanged some more lighthearted chit-chat and as I started toward the exit, I called out a chipper "Have a great day!" to a very bored-looking Wal-Mart greeter. Suddenly I heard a voice. Turning to look, I saw a Wal-Mart worker - a middle-aged man in a wheelchair. Pointing his finger at me he said, "Hey, you keep smiling. It's really working for ya!" I don't exactly remember how I responded (I believe I said a quick "Thanks!'). What I do remember is smiling clear all the way out to my car in the parking lot. The truth is, he just about made my day. I've thought a lot about his statement these past few weeks. That man had given me a great gift - his cheerful disposition, his encouraging words, and his gentle reminder that a smile can be a gateway to joy for everyone we meet. Now, I'm not saying that we can always be in a state of constant peppiness and perkiness....there are times and situations that call for gravity and decorum. And there are days when the stress of life seems to squeeze us from all sides. However, as a child of God, I believe that I am called to live this life here on earth in a joy-filled manner. God is the author of laughter, joy, and FUN!! So, keep smiling - it's really working for ya!

P.S. K-Bug took this picture of me with her Fisher-Price digital camera..hence the reason it's a little blurry. Nothing makes me smile like my own sweet girl telling me "Smile Mommy! I'm going to take your picture!"
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lens Of Truth ( & His Love)

Before my dear hubby and I had two adorable children filling up all of our spare minutes with their endless energy, we were a couple of cute, clueless DINKS living in our little apartment, dwelling in an endless cycle of newlywed love. Part of that cycle included my dear hubby's gaming systems from years past (NOTE: my hubby drools over the new Nintendo Wii every time we go to Costco..could "Wii" get one soon?? Given the fact that he has two daughters who would rather host tea parties and play dress-up does not give him many votes in his favor...maybe his sweet wife will surprise him for his birthday??)
Anyway, one of his favorite games used to be The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask. There are a lot of illustrations that I could talk endlessly about, based on the fact that the lead character (Link) morphs into whatever mask he is wearing BUT...(resist the urge, Stacy, resist the urge) I won't go there.
Instead, what is coming to mind tonight is a particular item that Link uses throughout his travels in the game. It is called "The Lens Of Truth" What looks like a pair of pink goggles allows Link to see things that he couldn't see before, fuzzy things become clear, etc. One memorable part of the game has Link using the goggles to "see" an otherwise invisible suspension bridge - the only way out of an otherwise snow-filled moutain.
Of course, the obvious thing to point out is that my Lens of Truth is the one and only Book. God's Word. Many of you know that my dear hubby and I are wrestling with several large life-change decisions right now - should we stay, should we go, should we start this, should we stop that....etc...etc...etc... and with every fiber of my being I am asking God to show us a a way where there appears not be one, and to make what seems fuzzy very clear. And, I know He will. He (God) takes it one step further though - He is so MUCH MORE CONCERNED about our realtionship with Him then He is about us running around in endless little circles trying to "figure out" what His will for our life is.
My dear hubby and I have been doing Experiencing God together- and I just have to say it TOTALLY ROCKS OUT LOUD!! The author of Experiencing God had this to say about our lvoe relationship with Christ, and taking a time-out for God each day - "Early each day, I have an appointment with God. I often wonder what happens when the God who loves me comes to meet me there. How does He feel when He asks "Henry, where are you?" and I am just not there. I have found this to be true in my own walk with the Lord: I keep that time alone with God, not in order to have a relationship, BUT [emaphsis mine] because I have a relationship." (Experiencing God, pg. 49)
If you are a child of God, then you have the relationship with Him already. Meet with Him because He loves you, desires to know you, and yes, even tell you about all of the good things He's got going on all around you.
And, you know, that little Zelda guy DOES run around collecting little hearts to increase his life points, SO, you know if he, like, uses the Lens of Truth, like, all the time then he can do better and get more hearts which is really, you know, like increasing his love realtionship, and if we use our Lens of Truth all the time then we can like, you know, get all of our little hearts and.....Ok, ok the game illustration is dead now.... GAME OVER.... [*groan*]
Oh boy, folks, it IS late....
Goodnight and Blessings to everyone...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ten Random Things...

So, my friend Tracy challenged me to come up with ten random things about myself. So, here is a list of things you may or may-not know about me..
1. My last name was the same before and after I got married.
This obviously made dealing with Social Security a breeze (seeing as how I never had to). To make things even stranger, my dear hubby and my brother also share the same first name, so they are twinkies in every way.
2. I am a college football junkie's true. I keep up with the whole college season, and could spend my entire Saturday just blissfully watching college ball on TV. My favorite teams are OU (Sooners), Ohio State (Buckeyes), Texas (Longhorns), and Notre Dame (Fighting Irish). My good friend Jess (also a college football junkie) and I even went to a ASU vs Oregon Ducks game this past season!! (ASU IS SO GOING TO WIN THIS NEXT SEASON. GO DEVILS!!)
3. Twila Paris is my cousin
Not making this one up...cross my heart! She is albeit a somewhat distant cousin, but a cousin nonetheless on my Mom's side of the family. I have met her and have a signed CD that says From Your Cousin Twila. Now everyone knows where I get my good looks and on-pitch singing voice. :) I had been a big fan of Twila's music before I ever knew we were related - go Twila!
4. I sleep with four pillows at night
I should also mention that one of the four is a double-sized body pillow, bought for me by my dear hubby when I was preggie with my last daughter. My dear hubby sleeps with THREE body pillows and one regular, making for a combo of eight pillows in our queen sized bed. We are all very um...cozy.. I absolutely CAN'T SLEEP WITHOUT MY PILLOWS!! Seriously, the last trip my hubby and I took together we packed an extra suitcase full of nothing but our pillows (thus also confirming our status as King & Queen of Strangeness)
5. I am a total night owl
My friend Tracy wrote this one about herself, but it is totally true of me as well. MORNINGS HATE ME, and I'm not really a big fan of them either. I have had to change my habits a bit, as my girls are up and ready to go early in the morning, but my average bed-time is still around 11:30 p.m .each night...sometimes later. I love these late-night hours of reading, doing my quiet time, and tonight - blogging! :)
6. I spent a semester at ASU playing in the steel drum band
Some of you already know this random fact about me, but for those of you who don't, you may not picture me as the steel drum, reggae playing kind of girl. I had to have a music combo credit in college, and this was one of the only things open for me to take. However, I abosolutely fell in love with playing, and would have continued indefinitely if I'd been able to. I was part of the large group combo called The Steel Pan Devils. Besides playing concerts at school, we also did "extra" gigs for banquets, etc. It was in a word - SO MUCH FUN!!
7. Rock-climbing is my favorite "sport"
When I was sixteen, I spent a week back-packing in the White Mountains in Wyoming. Part of that adventure included rock-climbing and rappelling. I am NOT what you would consider athletic (although I did come in second place at the hula hoop contest at my women's retreat last fall...) I fell in love with rockclimbing from the start. I have done some real rock climbing in Tuscon and various locations throughout Arizona, but hardly any since I've had my children. Somehow the idea of hauling all of my pasty white flab up the side of a cliff isn't as appealing (or as easy) as it used to be. However, my friend Teri (who just so happens to be a super in-shape physical therapist) has it in her mind that we should get back into the sport, as there is a brand new rock gym that just opened up near us. So, come June, we are set to climb.... pasty white flab and all.
8. Pedicures are my favorite form of pampering
I had my first pedicure a few days before my wedding, and I've been hooked ever since. I am just so blessed to have an amazing Mom who treats me every few months. Thanks to her, my tootsies are in an almost constant state of cuteness!!
9. I love, love, LOVE the Cosby Show!!
This is on my Blogger list of things that make me happy, but it is my goal to own ALL of the seaons of the Cosby Show on DVD someday (no other show makes me LOL like it does) That way, I can take Mr. Cosby with me wherever I go!!
10. My first (and last) experience with TPing someone's house ended up with a call to the police
This will be a story coming soon to a post near you...stay tuned for details..

WHEW!! This list was harder to put together than I thought.....maybe I need to diversify....
Now it's YOUR turn. I am tagging Scott over at Scott's Thoughts and my friend Theresa over at Bullfrogs & Butteflies. Go to it guys!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quick PMS Post

I have not been blogging lately...I always get the craving late at night (I'm a confessed night owl - Hoot,hoot) and the computer is right next to my dear hubby's side of the bed and he has this weird urge at night to do things like sleep.. which leaves my girl's naptime, when I should be doing other things like cleaning my house or rearranging my sock drawer, or making home-made double-fudge brownies ( to mail to BooMama of course ). In any case, I am going to make this a short post and do my epic posting later. I got this on my e-mail and while I never foward things on, this one made me laugh out loud (or LOL for all you computer geeks) Being a PMS sufferer myself, I can relate.
12 Things PMS Stands For:
1. Pass My Shotgun
2. Psychotic Mood Shift
3. Perpetual Munching Spree
4. Puffy Mid-Section
5. People Make me Sick
6. Provide Me with Sweets
7. Pardon My Sobbing
8. Pimples May Surface
9. Pass My Sweatpants
10.Plainly; Men Suck
11. Pack My Stuff
12. Potential Murder Suspect

I truly did suffer from some awful PMS until I started taking a natural supplement for PMS sufferers called Premcal ( I seriously went from Green Monster to totally tolerable within one month - my dear hubby was the first to make WILD, JOYOUS comment on this very fact (sheesh, was I that bad? I asked him...he wisely didn't say anything, but his look said it all... guess I was....although I've always thought I looked good in green. ;)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I started this post a few nights ago...I just now finished it.
Tonight the kiddos are in bed on time...snoring away. However, at ages two and three, both of our girls (but especially K-bug) have perfected the fine art of "stalling" when it comes to bedtime. Some nights, even after the lights go out we will find the girls "reading" books in the light of the night-light, singing songs, or just giggling at each other. Most recently, K-bug will tell us she has to get up and "go potty". Although she still wears a Pull-Up to bed, she knows that we, her well- meaning parents will give-in to most requests to use the bathroom pretty much anytime she asks (which always seems to be when we are driving down the the freeway with no bathroom anywhere close...hmmm...maybe it's a conspiracy) Soo, this is where I found myself the other night - K-bug on her little throne (a half-hour after her bedtime) and me, sitting beside her on the bathroom floor. I kept urging her to hurry and "go pee-pee" so that she could get back into bed. A few minutes into our little pow-wow on the potty, I figured out the game...just keep talking. Although I was SOO on to my little preschooler, the random subjects she was bringing up started to crack me up. I found myself keeping the dialogue going, just to see what she would say next. I can't remember verbatim, but here is brief synopsis of the conversation:
Me: I don't see any pee-pee. It's time for you to go back to bed
K-bug: No...hafta go potty still. Mommy, I go to Chuck E Cheese!
Me: Yes, we did go to Chuck-E-Cheese ( a few weeks ago for a birthday party)
K-bug: I rode the truck...up,up, up...I play the fish game and bumblebees
Me: We did have fun
K-bug: Daddy made the fans...they go round and round and round. Good job Daddy! (my dear hubby put up ceiling fans in the master bedroom and family room this past week)
Me: Daddy do do a good job
K-bug: Daddy's so silly...he's funny [insert lots of giggles here]
Me: Daddy is silly (Can't disagree with her there)
K-Bug: I got an owie on my's a big owie..."Ouch!" I need a band-aid
Me: Honey, your owie is fine. You don't need a band-aid right now. Honey, there's no pee-pee, let's go back to bed.
K-Bug: No, I hafta pee-pee. Mommy hafta go potty?
Me: No, I'm fine right now.
K-Bug: Mommy has holes right there... (she's pointing out some holes in the inner leg of my worn-out pajama pants) Is that for Mommy's pee-pee? (she want's to know if the holes are there so I can just go potty anytime I please...)
Pretty much at this point, I am holding my sides with laugther, but decide the game has gone on long enough. We finish up at the potty (with no pee-pee) and K-bug scoots back to bed. I had back to the bedroom with a smile on my face.

Plan "B"

Wow, it seems the week has flown by with all of the preparations that I did for K-bug's birthday party, as well as having two baby showers on the same weekend (I love baby showers...but that's another blog). K-bug's Curious George party was quite fun...even though things didn't quite go as planned:
It was Saturday-4:30 p.m. All of the preparations had been made for K-bug's party. The taco meat had been browned (K-bug chose the tacos, her favorite food, to serve to party guests), the presents wrapped, and the balloons blown up. Everything had been put into boxes, ready to take to the near-by park where the party was to be held. Just then the phone rang - it was my mother-in-law, telling us to go outside and look at the sky. Stepping out onto the front porch, we saw it; a huge brown cloud rapidly heading our direction. Arizona dust storms are common in the late spring/early summer and can come one quite suddenly, as this one did (the weather had been sunny and clear most of the day). Taking one look at the cloud of dust, I did what every calm, clear-thinking twenty-seven year old Mommy of two would - I went next door and cried to my Mother :) Really, the only option was to move the party inside...inside our house, our messy house that I had been cooking and doing party preparations in all day long, with nary a thought of cleaning. With less than an hour before the party was due to start, guests were called, and the house was marathon cleaned. We live in a rather smallish house, so guests were treated to a um...cozy environment. The nice part is that everyone still had a great time...most importantly, the guest of honor had a fabulous time. My dear hubby did some kids songs with the little ones on his guitar, and we had "just enough" food and chairs for everyone. The cakes were the cutest things I've EVER seen (my friend Jenny made them for K-bug) - one was a yellow hat cake, another was a George/monkey face. Jenny had even made K-bug her very own mini-cake, decorated like a monkey holding a banana. All of our freinds and family made the evening so special for Miss K-bug. Outdoors or in, small or big, it is always a blessing to be able to celebrate another year in the life of your child. I consider myself very blessed.