Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Plan "B"

Wow, it seems the week has flown by with all of the preparations that I did for K-bug's birthday party, as well as having two baby showers on the same weekend (I love baby showers...but that's another blog). K-bug's Curious George party was quite fun...even though things didn't quite go as planned:
It was Saturday-4:30 p.m. All of the preparations had been made for K-bug's party. The taco meat had been browned (K-bug chose the tacos, her favorite food, to serve to party guests), the presents wrapped, and the balloons blown up. Everything had been put into boxes, ready to take to the near-by park where the party was to be held. Just then the phone rang - it was my mother-in-law, telling us to go outside and look at the sky. Stepping out onto the front porch, we saw it; a huge brown cloud rapidly heading our direction. Arizona dust storms are common in the late spring/early summer and can come one quite suddenly, as this one did (the weather had been sunny and clear most of the day). Taking one look at the cloud of dust, I did what every calm, clear-thinking twenty-seven year old Mommy of two would - I went next door and cried to my Mother :) Really, the only option was to move the party inside...inside our house, our messy house that I had been cooking and doing party preparations in all day long, with nary a thought of cleaning. With less than an hour before the party was due to start, guests were called, and the house was marathon cleaned. We live in a rather smallish house, so guests were treated to a um...cozy environment. The nice part is that everyone still had a great time...most importantly, the guest of honor had a fabulous time. My dear hubby did some kids songs with the little ones on his guitar, and we had "just enough" food and chairs for everyone. The cakes were the cutest things I've EVER seen (my friend Jenny made them for K-bug) - one was a yellow hat cake, another was a George/monkey face. Jenny had even made K-bug her very own mini-cake, decorated like a monkey holding a banana. All of our freinds and family made the evening so special for Miss K-bug. Outdoors or in, small or big, it is always a blessing to be able to celebrate another year in the life of your child. I consider myself very blessed.

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