Monday, May 21, 2007

Ten Random Things...

So, my friend Tracy challenged me to come up with ten random things about myself. So, here is a list of things you may or may-not know about me..
1. My last name was the same before and after I got married.
This obviously made dealing with Social Security a breeze (seeing as how I never had to). To make things even stranger, my dear hubby and my brother also share the same first name, so they are twinkies in every way.
2. I am a college football junkie's true. I keep up with the whole college season, and could spend my entire Saturday just blissfully watching college ball on TV. My favorite teams are OU (Sooners), Ohio State (Buckeyes), Texas (Longhorns), and Notre Dame (Fighting Irish). My good friend Jess (also a college football junkie) and I even went to a ASU vs Oregon Ducks game this past season!! (ASU IS SO GOING TO WIN THIS NEXT SEASON. GO DEVILS!!)
3. Twila Paris is my cousin
Not making this one up...cross my heart! She is albeit a somewhat distant cousin, but a cousin nonetheless on my Mom's side of the family. I have met her and have a signed CD that says From Your Cousin Twila. Now everyone knows where I get my good looks and on-pitch singing voice. :) I had been a big fan of Twila's music before I ever knew we were related - go Twila!
4. I sleep with four pillows at night
I should also mention that one of the four is a double-sized body pillow, bought for me by my dear hubby when I was preggie with my last daughter. My dear hubby sleeps with THREE body pillows and one regular, making for a combo of eight pillows in our queen sized bed. We are all very um...cozy.. I absolutely CAN'T SLEEP WITHOUT MY PILLOWS!! Seriously, the last trip my hubby and I took together we packed an extra suitcase full of nothing but our pillows (thus also confirming our status as King & Queen of Strangeness)
5. I am a total night owl
My friend Tracy wrote this one about herself, but it is totally true of me as well. MORNINGS HATE ME, and I'm not really a big fan of them either. I have had to change my habits a bit, as my girls are up and ready to go early in the morning, but my average bed-time is still around 11:30 p.m .each night...sometimes later. I love these late-night hours of reading, doing my quiet time, and tonight - blogging! :)
6. I spent a semester at ASU playing in the steel drum band
Some of you already know this random fact about me, but for those of you who don't, you may not picture me as the steel drum, reggae playing kind of girl. I had to have a music combo credit in college, and this was one of the only things open for me to take. However, I abosolutely fell in love with playing, and would have continued indefinitely if I'd been able to. I was part of the large group combo called The Steel Pan Devils. Besides playing concerts at school, we also did "extra" gigs for banquets, etc. It was in a word - SO MUCH FUN!!
7. Rock-climbing is my favorite "sport"
When I was sixteen, I spent a week back-packing in the White Mountains in Wyoming. Part of that adventure included rock-climbing and rappelling. I am NOT what you would consider athletic (although I did come in second place at the hula hoop contest at my women's retreat last fall...) I fell in love with rockclimbing from the start. I have done some real rock climbing in Tuscon and various locations throughout Arizona, but hardly any since I've had my children. Somehow the idea of hauling all of my pasty white flab up the side of a cliff isn't as appealing (or as easy) as it used to be. However, my friend Teri (who just so happens to be a super in-shape physical therapist) has it in her mind that we should get back into the sport, as there is a brand new rock gym that just opened up near us. So, come June, we are set to climb.... pasty white flab and all.
8. Pedicures are my favorite form of pampering
I had my first pedicure a few days before my wedding, and I've been hooked ever since. I am just so blessed to have an amazing Mom who treats me every few months. Thanks to her, my tootsies are in an almost constant state of cuteness!!
9. I love, love, LOVE the Cosby Show!!
This is on my Blogger list of things that make me happy, but it is my goal to own ALL of the seaons of the Cosby Show on DVD someday (no other show makes me LOL like it does) That way, I can take Mr. Cosby with me wherever I go!!
10. My first (and last) experience with TPing someone's house ended up with a call to the police
This will be a story coming soon to a post near you...stay tuned for details..

WHEW!! This list was harder to put together than I thought.....maybe I need to diversify....
Now it's YOUR turn. I am tagging Scott over at Scott's Thoughts and my friend Theresa over at Bullfrogs & Butteflies. Go to it guys!!


Scott Heine said...

Ooo! Ooo! I've met your cousin! :D

She sang at our church in Chicago while I was on staff. Lessee... that was about 17 years ago. And I was a part-timer. But I said "Hi" to her. Bet she remembers me. :P

Sam Wolgomuth introduced her that night. He didn't know her and didn't follow Christian music at the time. Gave her a big build-up and finally invited us to welcome... Tweela Paris!

Not making that up.

Scott Heine said...

By the way, I answered your challenge over at my blog ( and shared not just 10 things, but a full dozen. So there. :)