Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I started this post a few nights ago...I just now finished it.
Tonight the kiddos are in bed on time...snoring away. However, at ages two and three, both of our girls (but especially K-bug) have perfected the fine art of "stalling" when it comes to bedtime. Some nights, even after the lights go out we will find the girls "reading" books in the light of the night-light, singing songs, or just giggling at each other. Most recently, K-bug will tell us she has to get up and "go potty". Although she still wears a Pull-Up to bed, she knows that we, her well- meaning parents will give-in to most requests to use the bathroom pretty much anytime she asks (which always seems to be when we are driving down the the freeway with no bathroom anywhere close...hmmm...maybe it's a conspiracy) Soo, this is where I found myself the other night - K-bug on her little throne (a half-hour after her bedtime) and me, sitting beside her on the bathroom floor. I kept urging her to hurry and "go pee-pee" so that she could get back into bed. A few minutes into our little pow-wow on the potty, I figured out the game...just keep talking. Although I was SOO on to my little preschooler, the random subjects she was bringing up started to crack me up. I found myself keeping the dialogue going, just to see what she would say next. I can't remember verbatim, but here is brief synopsis of the conversation:
Me: I don't see any pee-pee. It's time for you to go back to bed
K-bug: No...hafta go potty still. Mommy, I go to Chuck E Cheese!
Me: Yes, we did go to Chuck-E-Cheese ( a few weeks ago for a birthday party)
K-bug: I rode the truck...up,up, up...I play the fish game and bumblebees
Me: We did have fun
K-bug: Daddy made the fans...they go round and round and round. Good job Daddy! (my dear hubby put up ceiling fans in the master bedroom and family room this past week)
Me: Daddy do do a good job
K-bug: Daddy's so silly...he's funny [insert lots of giggles here]
Me: Daddy is silly (Can't disagree with her there)
K-Bug: I got an owie on my knee...it's a big owie..."Ouch!" I need a band-aid
Me: Honey, your owie is fine. You don't need a band-aid right now. Honey, there's no pee-pee, let's go back to bed.
K-Bug: No, I hafta pee-pee. Mommy hafta go potty?
Me: No, I'm fine right now.
K-Bug: Mommy has holes right there... (she's pointing out some holes in the inner leg of my worn-out pajama pants) Is that for Mommy's pee-pee? (she want's to know if the holes are there so I can just go potty anytime I please...)
Pretty much at this point, I am holding my sides with laugther, but decide the game has gone on long enough. We finish up at the potty (with no pee-pee) and K-bug scoots back to bed. I had back to the bedroom with a smile on my face.

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Tracy said...

I am sitting here almost in tears on this one!! This is too funny...but I know where she gets her little sense of humor!