Saturday, May 26, 2007

Keep Smiling !!

I just wanted to relay a quick experience I had about a week ago that left a deep impression on me. I was out on a Thursday morning shopping at Wally World for a new toilet bowl brush (WE REALLY NEEDED ONE, OK?) after having a leisurely breakfast with friends. My precious Mother was watching the kiddos for the morning and I was practically celebrating the short break. As I walked through Wal-Mart, I found myself smiling, and as I went through the check-out line (with only a toilet bowl brush..the fact that I went into Wal-Mart and came out with one item is just strange...) I cheerfully asked the clerk "Are you having fun today?" "Oh yes," she said with a smile, "I have fun everyday. Life is too short not to have fun!" We exchanged some more lighthearted chit-chat and as I started toward the exit, I called out a chipper "Have a great day!" to a very bored-looking Wal-Mart greeter. Suddenly I heard a voice. Turning to look, I saw a Wal-Mart worker - a middle-aged man in a wheelchair. Pointing his finger at me he said, "Hey, you keep smiling. It's really working for ya!" I don't exactly remember how I responded (I believe I said a quick "Thanks!'). What I do remember is smiling clear all the way out to my car in the parking lot. The truth is, he just about made my day. I've thought a lot about his statement these past few weeks. That man had given me a great gift - his cheerful disposition, his encouraging words, and his gentle reminder that a smile can be a gateway to joy for everyone we meet. Now, I'm not saying that we can always be in a state of constant peppiness and perkiness....there are times and situations that call for gravity and decorum. And there are days when the stress of life seems to squeeze us from all sides. However, as a child of God, I believe that I am called to live this life here on earth in a joy-filled manner. God is the author of laughter, joy, and FUN!! So, keep smiling - it's really working for ya!

P.S. K-Bug took this picture of me with her Fisher-Price digital camera..hence the reason it's a little blurry. Nothing makes me smile like my own sweet girl telling me "Smile Mommy! I'm going to take your picture!"
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Andrea said...

You are just too sweet! I can just imagine this whole scenario happening. Just reading about it made me smile. Thanks for being your ever-happy, always-bubbly self. You are a such a blessing! :)

Tracy said...

I love this picture...she may turn out to be a great photographer like her Grandma...your smile lights up anyone's day and I know it has for me on many occasions!! Thank You for always sharing it!