Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Birthday...

Well folks, last Friday was my birthday - my twenty-eighth birthday - to be exact. Now, I wish I could tell you that I am aging ever so gracefully, but in truth, it freaks me out a little to be so close to the age of "30". I distinctly remember being in my teens, and thinking that "30" sounded very....old. My own dear hubby turned 30 last year with all the grace in the world - didn't bat an eyelash (which is too bad, as he has very cute eyelashes...:) However, all of my freaked-out feelings aside, I wanted to give you a list of of why this birthday was one of my best and most blessed to date...
(1). My mother-in-law sent me some amazing flowers that were very unexpected. They were Irises - and for the past few days - they have bloomed into colors of deep purple, bright yellow, and pure white right before my very eyes. Thanks Susan!
(2). My parents knocked on the door the morning (quite early in the morning) of my birthday with cookies and balloons in hand. My family enjoyed the cookies and my girls are still enjoying "Mommy's birthday balloon"
(3). My dearest friends and Sisterchicks gave me expressions of their love all over the place - phone calls, cards, and sweet and unexpected gifts.... I felt so incredibly loved... Andrea gave me a candle that she knew I loved, Brandie gave me the means to go and treat myself to a Jamba Juice (which I did last night!), Jess gave me a mug and a gift certificate to go out and get a new book, Jules gave me a yummy caramel drink from Starbucks, Nickle-Pickle gave me a gift certificate to Old Navy (where I bought the CUTEST sundress)the list goes on...:) I actually shed a happy tear or two in my gratefulness to God for giving me these friends!!
(4). My parents graciously baby-sat for Bri and I as we went out to dinner and then over to the Robinson's house to watch some UFC. My dear Nickle-Pickle had gotten me some cheesecake, and insisted that we put candles in it and have everyone sing Happy Birthday. I was also gifted with an...ahem...rather interesting pair of wacky ladies know who you are!
(5). I spent three hours on my actual birthday in the Urgent Care for an bladder infection. You might wonder why this made the list of things that mad eme birthday so awesome - honestly, because it was just a time of thankfulness for me - thankful that I live in a country where I can go and get the medical treatment I need. Also, all the doctors and nurses wished me a Happy Birthday after seeing my date of birth on the chart - nothing like getting birthday wishes from happy, smiling strangers!!
(6). My dear hubby bought me a giant scrapbooking kit from Costco, which was just the most perfect gift for me - I love it and have already used it! Thanks again, honey!!
(7). My best friend Christy, in the middle of what has been one of the most stressful times of her life, still surprised me with an awesome birthday present that meant worlds to me.
(8). My Mom put together a scrap-book night at her house, where my friends came together and we did a lot of chatting and little-bit of scrapping for a few hours in a totally relaxed environment. It was AWESOME!! Most notably, my Mom prayed a prayer for all of us in which she told the Lord (out-loud) how much she loved me - thanks Mom, I love you TOO!

Lord, thank you for granting me another year here. Please work through me to bring more glory to you.


Tracy said...

So glad you had an awesome day! You deserve it!! And I totally know what you mean about the getting older, but not hitting 30 yet. I am feeling the same way since my big 29 day is coming up!!

Scott Heine said...

Happy belated, Stacy. Sounds like an adventure of a birthday! And you know I'm so jealous when I read of you guys getting together for UFC. I miss y'all so much...