Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lens Of Truth ( & His Love)

Before my dear hubby and I had two adorable children filling up all of our spare minutes with their endless energy, we were a couple of cute, clueless DINKS living in our little apartment, dwelling in an endless cycle of newlywed love. Part of that cycle included my dear hubby's gaming systems from years past (NOTE: my hubby drools over the new Nintendo Wii every time we go to Costco..could "Wii" get one soon?? Given the fact that he has two daughters who would rather host tea parties and play dress-up does not give him many votes in his favor...maybe his sweet wife will surprise him for his birthday??)
Anyway, one of his favorite games used to be The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask. There are a lot of illustrations that I could talk endlessly about, based on the fact that the lead character (Link) morphs into whatever mask he is wearing BUT...(resist the urge, Stacy, resist the urge) I won't go there.
Instead, what is coming to mind tonight is a particular item that Link uses throughout his travels in the game. It is called "The Lens Of Truth" What looks like a pair of pink goggles allows Link to see things that he couldn't see before, fuzzy things become clear, etc. One memorable part of the game has Link using the goggles to "see" an otherwise invisible suspension bridge - the only way out of an otherwise snow-filled moutain.
Of course, the obvious thing to point out is that my Lens of Truth is the one and only Book. God's Word. Many of you know that my dear hubby and I are wrestling with several large life-change decisions right now - should we stay, should we go, should we start this, should we stop that....etc...etc...etc... and with every fiber of my being I am asking God to show us a a way where there appears not be one, and to make what seems fuzzy very clear. And, I know He will. He (God) takes it one step further though - He is so MUCH MORE CONCERNED about our realtionship with Him then He is about us running around in endless little circles trying to "figure out" what His will for our life is.
My dear hubby and I have been doing Experiencing God together- and I just have to say it TOTALLY ROCKS OUT LOUD!! The author of Experiencing God had this to say about our lvoe relationship with Christ, and taking a time-out for God each day - "Early each day, I have an appointment with God. I often wonder what happens when the God who loves me comes to meet me there. How does He feel when He asks "Henry, where are you?" and I am just not there. I have found this to be true in my own walk with the Lord: I keep that time alone with God, not in order to have a relationship, BUT [emaphsis mine] because I have a relationship." (Experiencing God, pg. 49)
If you are a child of God, then you have the relationship with Him already. Meet with Him because He loves you, desires to know you, and yes, even tell you about all of the good things He's got going on all around you.
And, you know, that little Zelda guy DOES run around collecting little hearts to increase his life points, SO, you know if he, like, uses the Lens of Truth, like, all the time then he can do better and get more hearts which is really, you know, like increasing his love realtionship, and if we use our Lens of Truth all the time then we can like, you know, get all of our little hearts and.....Ok, ok the game illustration is dead now.... GAME OVER.... [*groan*]
Oh boy, folks, it IS late....
Goodnight and Blessings to everyone...

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Tracy said...

oh so true my wise friend of God! Love your gaming comparison! Made me chuckle...Love You!