Monday, May 19, 2008

a hundred and WHAT???


It is supposed to be a record-breaking 110 degrees today. I haven’t been brave enough to venture outside to find out….I rather like my air conditioning.

Unlike my friend Jules, who’s been trying to wear her tank tops and flip-flops since January, I am NOT a friend of scorching HOT weather....I actually really love the cold...sweaters, jeans, jackets, hot chocolate...:)

And to my friend Jess moving to Oregon, my friend Tracy moving to Chicago, and my dear friends the Heine’s living in Virginia… are NOT allowed to rub it in…

Oh well...I will choose to focus on the good things that searing heat can bring. Like my Bird of Paradise in my front yard – they bloom a beautiful orange and yellow at the first hint of triple digit weather ( Wow…amazing that God made a plant that blooms because of such heat)

And, a BIG plus is that the oven-like conditions will kill all of the germs that have made my kids sick these past few weeks.

Fry, germs, fry……
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Brandie said...

Where did you find that picture...too funny!

I'm with you - I prefer the A/C (which has been running for months already!). Our house turns into a cave in the summer - we don't open the blinds and dim the lights. Light = Heat
Heat = BAD

I guess if I had to contribute a plus to hot weather it would be cool treats...yours is the best though - FRY GERMS FRY!

Brandie said...

Oh, Oh, Oh...I forgot to add running through the sprinklers!!

Tracy said...

well when its freezing below with a windchill of -20 I will call you and beg to come visit!!!

proudgrits11 said...

And today it's in the 60s and rainy!! That's Arizona for ya--never a dull moment! Being a former Florida girl, I'll take 110 over even 75 with humidity ANY day. At least the hot weather means not guessing on what to wear, right?? Any swimming in the pool without shivering!! :)
Hope you all are feeling better, too!! My heart goes out to you, dealing with the sickies!! Hope you have a fab (and healthy) long weekend!