Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Glass Of Iced Tea & A Hot Shower...

That’s all I want, and it doesn’t even matter what order. I am exhausted!

Yesterday afternoon my dear hubby called me on his way home from his kung-fu workout (as he normally does) with the greeting, “I um….kind-of hurt myself.”

“What did you do?” I asked. He often comes home with rug burns on his arms, or an occasional black eye (they do some heavy-duty sparring and ground maneuvering in class),so I thought it was probably something along those lines.

“I sprained my ankle and I can’t walk very well….well…hardly at all…and it’s swelling a lot. Do we have any ibuprofen?”

So, I grabbed the ice pack, a couple of ibuprofen, and some pillows to ready myself for his arrival.

Sure enough, he hobbled in, barely able to walk. Poor guy! He was extra super bummed, since last night also happened to be our girlies preschool birthday party. We held it at a facility with lots of those big inflatable bouncie and alas,Daddy was unable to hop or bounce at all.

He looked on last night with his ankle propped (and iced) as the rest of us played. This morning the ankle seemed better – less swollen, not as much pain (he said). He played it safe by staying home from his morning shift at work, but went to work a short afternoon shift.

Unfortunately, the ankle is super swollen tonight. We are still watching it, icing it, propping it, and praying that is indeed just a sprain.

But, in the meantime, as you can imagine, I am the primary hands and feet for everyone in the household. I am truly not complaining, instead, this has made me VERY thankful for how much my dear hubby normally helps me with the kiddos and the house.

Dear Lord, please quickly heal my hubby’s ankle, and give me the strength to be the hands and feet for our family in the meantime.

Now…for that glass of iced tea…


Scott Heine said...

Any improvements today? Poor guy. Poor YOU! As always, you're in my prayers.

Crock Pot Mom said...

Oooh, praying it is not broken! Try alternating heated water (as hot as can stand) with ice (as icy as tolerable) one minute each, with some passive or active movement in between (and elevated while doing the movement) ~ say ten flex/extend movements; for fifteen minutes three times a really helps if it is just a sprain. Helps pump the blood and decrease the swelling. May he feel better REALLY soon!!