Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BIG Croupy Boy....


Hello All....

I have so many blog posts that I'd like to do...I'm definitely feeling a little behind...just a quick update on J-boy - we'll move from today and go backwards

TODAY - J-Boy is recovering from his first illness - a lovely bout of croup. He had had a VERY mild runny nose the past few days - almost completely clear stuff too, no yellow yuckies. So I was surprised to hear him wake up Sunday night with the very distinctive croupy cough. I surprised myself, as well, by not completley freaking out. This is my fifth (maybe even sixth?) time to deal with croup though...I guess my children must be prone to it. I knew what to listen and look for, all of the danger signs (he didn't have any) and how best to give him some relief. It was still a long night though, and I have slept the past two nights on the floor in his room, just to be close in case he needs me.
My dear hubby took him to the pediatrician yesterday, where they gave him a steroid shot in his chubby little leg. He had a good night last night, breathing well overall, and sleeping soundly.

SUNDAY - We dedicated J-Boy in the very first baby dedication held by our tiny little church. It was a geat way to celebrate Mother's Day with our new little guy! {It also made me think of when we dedicated our girls at Compass...miss you Scott! Hope your Mother's Day service in your new church was awesome too!} My brother and sis-in-law were also visiting from South Carolina, so having them there for the dedication and to visit was extra special!

THURSDAY - This past Thursday J-Boy went for his two month checkup. At ten weeks old, he is such a BIG BOY! :) Our pediatrician kept saying, "He's just sooo big! " He weighed in at 13 lbs, 10.5 oz. - at the 90% for his weight for his age group. He was at the 70% for his height and the 60% for his head size (he has such a cute little noggin..)

Speaking of J-Boy, I hear him fussing, although he should be napping...guess I'll sign off for now...

Oh, just a side-note about my dear hubby's ankle. Although it is very badly bruised, it is not broken, and he is up and moving, albeit very slowly.
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Crock Pot Mom said...

Glad your hubby is feeling better! Also your darling little one~
Congrats on the dedication. Always a blessing to know you have publicly passed your children into the Lord's care and provision for His will and glory. :-)

What do you think about the two John Piper books you are reading? I had considered reading something by him soon, the one listed first looked interesting (I can't remember the name as I sit her and type).

Tracy said...

Wow...he is a big boy!! So glad he is feeling better!!

Brandie said...

I LOVE this picture of your little guy. I want to come by and just squeeze him! Can I, Can I...PLEASE!!

Well, maybe after all the germies leave!