Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Moments...

Life Is Funnier Than We Think. I have always strived to be the kind of person that LOVES life, and to laugh at myself and situations I find myself in. That being said, I have decided that each Monday I will share a "moment" from own brain or experience that makes my life just a little bit silly...

"Where Are The Pants?"

My hubby is the modest sort. He is the kind of guy who keeps all the blinds in the house tightly closed until ALL members of our family are fully clothed (I don't really mind walking around outside in my bathrobe...) My hubby on the other hand, would NEVER hear of me walking outside the house in my PJs, even if they are the comfy flannel ones with penguins on them...

I love COZY pajamas - I think that everyone is simply in a better mood when they are at their comfiest. I think it should be a rule that everyone wears their comfy PJs to shop the day after Thanksgiving - it would be like National Shopping In Your Pajamas Day. It would cut down on the line cutting and road rage....peace and harmony would rule once more and the true Christmas spirit would return to malls across America!!

And that's my shortcut down random thought lane....back to the story now

Anyway, knowing this background about my dear hubby will help you know why this story is so funny to me. About a month ago, I asked my dear hubby to please take our family by the mall after one of K-Bug's swim lessons, so that I could take advantage of the Big ONE-DAY Sale at Mervyn's. My hubby knows that I am trying to make a dent in my fall/winter clothes shopping for the girls, and so he sweetly agreed. He dropped me off at the front of the store, and said he would bring the girls inside to play at the indoor play place while I shopped. About ten mintues later, my cell phone rang.

It was my hubby.

In a frozen sounding whisper he said, "I need your help!"

"What?" I asked, thinking one of the girls must have surely fallen and hurt themselves, etc..

"It's Lore-lin. I forgot to put her pants on her, and she is walking around in just a T-shirt and a Pull-Up!" - "You have to help me!" he continued.

Please keep in mind that my husband is genuinely mortified at this prediciment.

"Ok", I said, "Give me five minutes." I walked to a clearance rack and pulled off a pair of blue shorts marked down to $2.00. Placing my large pile of accumulated clothing on the counter, I explained to the register lady that I needed to buy ONLY the shorts at the moment. She obliged with one eyebrow curiously raised

The children's deparment in Mervyn's is located on the second floor of the mall, and by walking directly out of the children's department, you can look down off a balcony at the playplace directly below. So, after making my purchase, I walked out into the mall, and calling my hubby on his cell phone, strategically dropped the shorts down to his waiting arms.

Red-faced but relieved, my hubby put the shorts on Lorelin (I guess he had changed her in the van, but in his haste to get out of the hot car and into the mall, had not taken the time to put her pants back on..:) and I went back to my shopping.

All's well that ends well - at least we were all wearing pants.. :)


Lindsay said...

That is so funny. Especially with the element of Brian's modesty. I can totally picture Brian as you tell the story! I am impressed that he let you toss the shorts over the banister at the mall! Did that draw much attention and did it land right in his hands? I can only imagine the air catching the shorts, redirecting them and having them go right into someones face as they are walking along. What a scene that could be. ;)

Tracy said...

ok so I was reading this while in the airport and it took everything I had not to laugh outloud...this is so funny! You Smith's sure have some fun adventures!

Crock Pot Mom said...

Sweet story! Sweeter still that you are such a blessed help meet that you instantly supported him and breezed through the moment. Bless you both! Glad you are having fun/feeling better!