Thursday, September 27, 2007

I LOVE This Stuff!

Alright, so most of my fellow blogging friends have posted at least one post about a product that they like, enjoy, or have found useful in everyday life (haven't tried LemiShine yet, Brand, but I will!) And, although I have many products that I like and enjoy, I haven't as of yet joined in with any online reviews of my own.

Until today...DAH-DAH-DAH-DUM!!!

When, I thought, "Why not?"

I won a jar of this Arbonne Sea Salt Scrub about a year ago thru a drawing. I'm not a regular user of Arbonne (I know, I know....I can hear the collective gasps of Arbonne consultants everywhere....:) but I was definitely excited to get the chance to try this bath and body product for FREE! :)

I opened the jar, took out a scoop, and was instantly...HOOKED!

The sea salt scrub has oils that leave my skin feeling baby smooth soft, and the smelll is absoultely divine!

I find myself sniffing my own shoulders after a shower, and then proceeding to tell my husband, "Smell me! Feel my skin? Isn't that fabulous?"

And he reacts like most husbands would by jumping up and down and asking..."YES,OH YES, WHERE CAN I GET A JAR OF MY VERY OWN??"

Ok, so not really...he does however agree that my skin is indeed soft and I am very pleasant smelling.

I recently bought another small jar on e-bay, but am hinting to my hubby to find an Arbonne Consultant to buy a large jar for me for Christmas. The cost is about $25 per jar, but the large jar will last you a while, and I truly believe that the cost is absolutely worth it!

Happy Scrubbing Everyone!

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GRITS and Proud said...!! That stuff is, like, my all-time favorite thing, too!! The smell, the softness--fabulous!! I can't get enough!! Here's my tip IF you're a bath-taker: start filling the tub with warm water. Scrub your whole body, starting with your feet. Once your feet are done, GET IN the tub. Then continue up and outward, allowing the scrub to fall into the water as you go. Once you're done scrubbing, sink into the water. There'll be enough in the tub to scent it AND add all that luscious oil. Oo, baby! I've gotta take a bath tomorrow night! :)
Just be careful getting out, OK?? It's slippery! Oh, and I can find you a consultant if you need me to.