Sunday, September 16, 2007

Over The Weekend

Just a brief glance of what happened over the weekend for us Smith-o-roos -

On Friday, we took the girls to Chuck E Cheese pizza for lunch (my dear hubby gets off early on Fridays). It was the most un-crowded we had EVER seen it (guess it pays to go when most of the older kiddos are in school) so we had a free run of the place. We have a million-gabillion tokens that we don't ever seem to use up there - did you know that every game/ride there is only ONE token? Wow - what a bargain (and I love bargains!) Anyway, the girls rode every ride and we played games to our hearts content. After feeding our faces with pizza, and feeding our tickets into the little ticket eater, we had enough "ticket points" to get the girls both an oh-so-fancy plastic princess bracelet to take home. K-Bug said that hers was "very beautiful and very sparkly".

Saturday was one of those beautiful and rare occasions of not-much-planned. I watched some college football (I LOVE college football!!), folded some laundry, and our family ate a BBQ lunch over at my parent's house. I went out on Saturday afternoon with my Mom to help her take pictures for her photography class, but a dust storm forced us inside early (sorry Mom! :) My parent's watched the girlies on Saturday night, and my dear hubby and I went out an actual date to a restaurant where I enjoyed eating an entire Mexican food meal with little to no nausea!! Yeah!

Sunday morning brought our second Sunday for the church plant. We had a few more kids and adults this week, and I totally forgot my camera again (sorry Scott) The visit of some of my dear hubby and mine's good friends made the day really special for us! Thanks for your support!! A relaxed afternoon of napping has brought me to tonight, where I am actually fighting a big ol' headache. All in all, though, a wonderful weekend!

Watch the blog for the addition of some new weekly additions - Monday Moment's OR aka Life Is Funnier Than We Think and also Thankful Thursdays! Goodnight bloggity friends!

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Tracy said...

I looove College football...maybe we need to get together on a Saturday and have a watching party? I haven't seen many games yet this season...