Monday, September 10, 2007

Random Blessings - Part 1

I just wanted to briefly tell my wonderful bloggity friends about some of the wonderful blessings and miracles of the past few weeks! :)

1. The girls have been, for the most part, such little angels during my weeks of reigning as "The Queen Of Urpiness" (a title my friends Kelli or Brandi might dispute me on...) The weather has been SO hot that it's been virtually impossible to go outside, and I definitely didn't feel up to taking the girls anywhere, so they have had to largely invent their own fun. Being the creative and amazing little girls that they are, that's just what they did. One of the "FUN" things they found to do was to raid my sock drawer and wear my brightly colored fuzzy winter socks "Cindy Lauper" style up to their kneew like leg warmers.....WHY did we ever think leg warmers were cool?..
Oh well,Lorelin made it look cute!

K-bug called the socks "skis" and she and her sister proceeded to ski on the linonleum in the kitchen. They also put socks on their hands to act as "mitten", of course!
The girls also found a bag of old party stuff from their birthday parties this past year, and unbeknownst to me, decided to set up a birthday party of their own on the coffe table. I came out of the bathroom from one of my "rounds on the ground" (I think the toilet won that one :) to find this!

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Angela said...

Ava's loves to put socks on her hands and pretend they are puppets. I need to find some buttons and felt. Its great to see how creative your little angels are being inside during the heat.

Mom in Training said...

What a great sight to come out of yucky trip tp the potty and see!! That is so cute! Your girls are precious. Keep on keepin' on, girlfriend!

Tracy said...

That is soooo cute! Amazing how the simplest things can entertain them!

Lindsay said...

The girls are so precious! What an amazing bond you are helping to create in them! I love watching your family grow!
I am SOOOO glad you are back to blogging! I have missed my "daily" dose of you! Love to you my prego friend!

Crock Pot Mom said...

Checking in...First in "what do you think the baby will be.." a beloved child of God, blessed and highly favored. Hallelujah?~
Your children are delightful and creative. What a blessing! Praise God for the wonderful church service you wrote about, and blessings upon each of your friends under fire for health. I, too, lost a few friends young. Praise God He is always faithful!

I finally posted some pics of our Creators beautiful creations in my yard ~ come visit some time.

Glad you are feeling a bit better! Hang in there!!

Stacy said...

Thanks to everyone for such wonderful and encouraging comments. Its so great to hear just a little from everyone!!
A big Hi to Angela and Ava too!!