Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday Moments...a day late

I thought of this moment the other day when, in a hurry, I drove down the street with one of J-boy’s baby t-shirts on my windshield (I had put it there so that I could remember to stick it in a bag of give-away clothes that were in the van).

I didn’t see the t-shirt until it flew off past my window and fell down into the street.

This isn’t the first time that items belonging to me have flown into the road….

I was a teenager getting ready for a trip with my youth group to Six Flags in Texas.
Now I know that this may be hard to believe, :) but when I was a teenager, I was a bit, um…scatterbrained. I had packed for the trip, but had forgotten to pack some last essentials.

Being in a hurry, I threw several toiletries, an alarm clock, and my Bible (can’t forget that!) into my pillowcase – which also contained my pillow.

I was one of the last youth to arrive and my youth minister threw my stuff into the back of his pickup truck. He stuck my pillow, full of my stuff, underneath a bungee cord that was holding down some luggage.

We headed off. I was riding in the pick-up with my youth minister, and the guy that I currently had a crush on. Looking back…it’s a possibility that I might have been, oh-I-don’t-know…. a little bit distracted with trying to impress the guy rather than noticing that my pillow was starting to wave like a flag in the wind.

We got onto the interstate and picked up speed. It was at this point that ALL of the passengers in the truck noticed that my pillow was waving wildly out of the back of the truck, barely hanging on to the bungee cord.

“I’ll pull over” my youth minister said. But no sooner were the word out of his mouth than the entire pillow and its contents launched onto the interstate.

My youth minister did pull over and almost like slow motion in a movie, we watched as a large semi-truck thundered past. Unable to stop, swerve, or slow down, it hit my pillow with full force, exploding the contents onto the road.
My deodorant, a bottle of hairspray, a completely demolished alarm clock, and my Bible bounced, rolled, and flapped wildly about.

Many of the items had bounced to the side of the road, and my friends quickly gathered up the items while I tried not to die of embarrassment. My youth minister made a quick dash out and picked up my pillow, pillowcase, and Bible.

Most of the items were destroyed beyond use, but I used that Bible, smashed and covered in tire tracks, for many, many years following.

God often used that Bible to remind me that His word is timeless and (even when run over) can never really be destroyed.

Happily, I recovered from the embarrassment and went on to have a wonderful time on trip. And, while I didn’t get the guy (maybe he didn’t like girls that put deodorant in their pillowcases), I did eventually get an amazing hubby who loves me in my scatterbrained moments and laughs at my stories.

I hope I gave you a laugh today too.


Lindsay said...

Stacy, I read this yesterday but got pulled away just before I could comment! You make me laugh such a sweet laugh. I love your story and can totally picture each step of it! I feel like I was kinda a fly in the car watching it happen! So funny! Hopefully you were able to stop for some more toiletries!
Amazing that you were able to use the Bible for several years to come. What a reminder to make you smile.
I love YOU! (and any bit of scatterbrainyness)

Crock Pot Mom said...

Oh, so funny. Thank you for sharing! Can we all just relate to that?! :-) Well, perhaps not, but I can ~