Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WARNING: Kute Kiddo Overload!

Just kidding! I've been a little behind in my posting, so I'm catching up today with multiple posts about all three of my kiddos. Make sure you check out the little guy in his Bumbo toward the bottom of the page.
Oh, and there is also an oh-so-lovely picture of have to see that! Ha!
And I STILL have to blog about Father's Day, and books, and the story about the Blue Flash...and now I'm talking to myself...
Anyway, enjoy!


Lindsay said...

Loving all your posts! Glad you got some time to sit down and blog! I always love reading what you write! The letters to the girls are so special! I am sure they will be deeply treasured as they grow up and look back and read them! What a gift! I want to get back up to speed and work on my scrap booking as well as write letters to the kiddos! Thanks for spurring my heart on!

Tracy said...

Love those letters to the girls, they are going to be something so special when they grow up and realize what an awesome Mommy they have!! Thanks for the update..but now I am on kiddo-overload...oh must go lay down now!