Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Birthday Blessings

Sunday, May 25th, I turned 29 years old, “teetering” as my mom-in-law so gracefully said, on the edge of 30.

I have many friends who are turning 30 this year, and appropriately so, they are having bigger-than-normal birthday celebrations. Also, Dane, the cutest-one-year old in the world, was having his first birthday party.

Due to celebrating birthdays for these special people….and also due to the fact that having any type of party where I am the focus is uncomfortable for me…..except for a surprise party…maybe because that way I have no expectations…hmm, do you think I have party issues? …. anyway, I just decided that I would keep my birthday totally low-key, not really bring any attention or mention to it, and just enjoy quietly turning 29.

God, however, had plans to bless my birthday socks off!

It started with a lovely vase of flowers that my mom-in-law sent to my house. Nothing like getting flowers delivered to your door. Here they are, over a week later, and still looking beautiful! Thank you Susan!!


The actual day of my birthday I spent at birthday parties for two other people. At Dane’s one-year old birthday party, my friend Nickle-Pickle made two different cakes, and after everyone sang and cheered for Dane, she turned around and made me blow out candles in the other cake while everyone sang for me. There were several people there that didn’t know me from anyone, and it was very sweet, and also funny, to hear them sing to me as well. “Happy Birthday dear Sherry…I mean Stacy…..” hee,hee

My friends at the party also showered me with presents – a book, cards, scrap-booking supplies, and a date for a pedicure!

Later that night, my friend Jess and I surprised our friend Christy with a special ladies night out for her 30th birthday. Most of the ladies in attendance are our mutual friends, and again, I was blessed with surprise gifts – pajamas, books, candles, and a CD. Even though it wasn’t my party at all.

My friend Christy and I did blow out the candle together and shared a dessert of chocolate mousse! Yum!

My own parents gave me a new pair of rollerblades (so I can get my almost 30 year old body back in shape), and I received some more lovely flowers and a pair of movie coupons from my dear hubby and sweet children.

It really was a very special birthday!
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Brandie said...

TWENTY NINE! It was such a blessing to be able to spend a little part of your special day with you.

Now about those roller blades...your story at dinner the other night STILL cracks me up! Are you breaking those bad boys in? :o)

If I lived closer, I'd get a pair of roller blades and join you in the huffing and puffing!

Lots of love my friend!