Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Fabulous Four Year Old

I'm a little-bit behind, because my K-Bug turned 4 years old waay back in April, but I wrote a letter to her on that day, which I am just posting now. A very belated Happy Birthday K-Bug!

To my beautiful K-Bug. Mommy is writing you a note today, and even though you can’t read yet, I hope that one day you’ll look back at this and see how much joy you brought your Mommy and Daddy as you turned from three to four years old. You are such an articulate and precious little girl. You wake up in the morning with a smile on your face (“Good morning Mommy! I had a good sleep!”) and greet the day with words abounding. You love to express yourself through your words while you sing, while you imagine, and while you play. You have a soft and sensitive spirit, and are often easily corrected and immediately sorry when disciplined with just a stern glance or gentle warning (not ALL the time, but most of the time). You glow when people give you words of praise and affirmation, and you in turn love to encourage others with your words (“Good job Daddy! You play the guitar SO well!”) Your sister is your constant companion and best friend, as I pray she will be your entire life. You also love to tickle your new little brother’s belly and kiss his soft baby head. You tend to lean toward the dramatic side (sorry kiddo, you come from a long line of dramatic women), and are easily brought to tears over broken toys or “hurt feelings” when you don’t get your way. Even at this age, though, you are learning that “Jesus helps me find my happy heart”. You love to read your Bible stories and do devotions, and singing Bible songs is absolutely your favorite past-time right now. I love to see you love the Lord, and it your Daddy and my prayer that you will know and love Jesus your whole life long. God has a plan for your soft heart, my beautiful little lady, and we are so excited to see what it is! Happy Birthday!

Here a few pictures of K-Bug doing what she likes best!



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Tracy said...

She is so sweet...totally gonna melt someones heart one day. K-Bug has such imagination and that is so very cool!