Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My BIG Boy And His Bumbo

My son is one strong kid (the pediatrician comments on this every-time we go in), and he loves to be in a sitting position. Although he isn't quite old enough to sit up on his own, he does enjoy using his Bumbo (a soft seat made to support babies in learning to sit up), so he can see what's going on.. a big THANK YOU to J-Boy's friend Dane in letting him use the Bumbo....Dane doesn't need it anymore becuase he has better things to do - like walking!!! :)
Here is a few pictures of Mr J-Boy enjoying his seat. Here is J-Boy's "Thoughtful" look. If you look closely, you can see the dimples that he gets right above his eyebrows.

And here is his "Sunshine Smile" look. It still melts my heart!
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Lindsay said...

He is beyond cute! I think I could just eat him up!!!!!

Tracy said...

oh my goodness....I agree with Lindsay he is cute enough to eat! That smile is great! Can't believe how big he is getting...