Thursday, April 10, 2008

Top Ten Thursday


You Might Be The Mother Of A Preschooler If…

1.Your three year old throws up on your feet, and you are not COMPLETELY grossed out (however if it was anyone else’s throw-up, I would gag and throw-up too)
2.You cherish your time on the potty because it means that you get to be alone for three minutes (unless your child sticks her fingers under the door while asking, "Mommy, what are you doing in there?)
3.You can spend an entire day wiping bottoms and noses and STILL not be completely grossed out (notice I said completely….snotty noses still get to me)
4.You find yourself eating macaroni and cheese and dino nuggets for lunch too
5.You can carry on a normal phone conversation while changing a baby, preparing lunch, and finding your two-year old’s lost dolly
6.Your idea of a shopping spree is going to Walgreen’s for some carpet cleaner while your husband watches the kids (did you know they have some cee-ute clothes at Walgreens? Seriously…)
7.You find yourself lying in bed at night with the latest Veggie Tales song floating through your head (or whatever cartoon your preschooler likes)
8.The only kind of band-aids you own have cartoon characters on them
9.The Sunday morning sermon is one of the few quiet hours you have in the week – and you end up falling asleep… (which I will admit to perhaps nodding off once or twice when my babies were all young….sorry Scott!)

ANNND…NUMBER TEN…You Might Be The Mother Of A Preschooler IF

10. Your arms are full, but your heart is even fuller of little hands giving BIG hugs and LOTS of love!
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Tracy said... fun!! I LOVE this picture!

Jen said...

I loved reading this post and the pictures is absolutely adorable!!! You are such a super mom, missy!! I can't wait to see little Joshua and how much he has grown! Miss you, friend!

Lindsay said...

So true my friend! You are so good at coming up with those! It is all a big whirlwind in my head but you have the gift to put it into words!

What a beautiful picture! Your hands and heart are so full!

Love you!