Monday, April 21, 2008

Do You Like It?

My very, very talented friend Tracy created my new blog page for me. It reminds me of one of her beautiful scrapbook pages that she creates – only this one is on my blog for everyone to see. Tracy has also recently started putting her graphic design services at an Etsy shop under the name of

I am SOO proud of my Sistechick! Tell your friends (and business associates too) to head on over to Yellow Dog Creative and check it out!
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Crock Pot Mom said...

Love the new look! Enjoyed catching up on your blog. You sound like such a terrific wife, mom and friend - I am sure those around you are blessed. Glad your week is normalizing after last weeks ills :-)

Lindsay said...

It is my favorite!!!!! Ok, I love all of Tracy's creations! This one is really fun and cute!!!

Brandie said...

Go Tracy, Go Tracy Go!
Go Yellow Dog Creative, Go YDC GO!
Okay, I'll stop now. I'm sound a bit cheerleader like...

Scott Heine said...

Looks great. I love Tracy's creativity!

Theresa said...

It looks great! I'm getting my redone too but I've already committed to Susie. But I'll keep your friend in mind for next time. Thanks!