Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Girl And Her Goggles

Last week at swim lesssons, Lorelin hit a major milestone. She floated on her back all by herself for the fist time!! She has been working on floating for months, but just couldn't seem to get completly relaxed in the water. Last week the swim teacher had the idea of trying goggles to prevent the water from getting in her eyes. Sure enough, they did the trick. Lorelin got her very first ribbon at her swim schol and was SOO excited!!!! She spent the entire next day "playing" swim lessons. I dug out a pair of goggles that we had in the bottom of our swim stuff, and she instantly adored them. She hasn't taken them off since. Here she is wearing them the first day I found them.

She has since worn them to meals, in the van (I won't let her take them in somewhere for fear they would get lost), in the bathtub, and ALL around the house. Here she is feeding J-boy on the couch yesterday - fully equipped, of course, with her swim goggles.

Who knows, they might come in handy when he spits up!
Anyway, at first, the goggles were just part of her imaginary play as she "swam" around the house puffing out her cheeks to hold her breath while she moved her arms. However, yesterday, Lorelin discovered that the goggles could double as a mask as she donned a pink sparkly cape and became, in her words - SUPER LORE-LIN!!!!

Now she could fly in the air AND swim under the water. Very impressive, huh?
This morning she stuck a straw in the band on one side of her head and stuck the tip in her mouth. It was her "snorkel" she said, as she pretended to dive under water to discover new fish.
I LOVE this little person and her goggles too!
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Jen said...

That is the most adorable story ever!! What a sweetheart!!! I especially love the pic of her feeding her little brother!! Too cute!

Lindsay said...

OH that is way to adorable! Yea doe Lorelin! What a great big exciting accomplishment!!!!!! She brings a smile to my face to see her enjoying those goggles so much!

Nicole said...

Her goggles rock my world!!!

Really they do, I promise!

Brandie said...

I'm so proud of her for floating on her back...what an achievement it is! Those goggles are a crack up!

Thank you God for our little ones and the laughter and love they bring!

Thanks for chatting on the phone this afternoon.
Miss you...hugs