Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Moments

I love my K-Bug's imagination. She can spend hours pretending with her playsets or stuffed animals. And, as any preschooler does, she likes to give her characters made-up names to relate to each other with. However, these are not your average, run-of-the-mill names like "Karen" or "Ariel" or any of the other people names that you can think of.
These names are made up of a preschool language all their own.
And they crack me up! So, for the sake of sharing with you (and for my own remembrance) I got out a bucket of beanie babies the other day and asked K-Bug about the various names for each of the animals. Here she is posing with some of the animals.

I wrote down the names, and had a mini-photo shoot with some of the Beanie Babies. We had a great time! I wanted to share just a few with you now:
This is GOBBER - the Brown Bear

This is SPAT - the bat (I like how that just rolls off of the tongue, don't you?)

This is BARRALAH (she prounounced it BAR-E-LAH) the Elephant....

To be continued....
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Lindsay said...

I can so easily imagine her hours of play where she, with such natural joy, interacts with her animals who in turn interact with one another! It is precious and so sweet!

I love her creativity with the names! They make her little animals just come alive with personality.


Jen said...

Now those are some pretty good creative names!!