Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random Thoughts From My Baby Brain

I’ve probably started four or five different posts, only to be sidetracked by a crying baby, a toddler who needs me to help her go potty, or to listen to my preschooler’s drama about a broken toy. I truly miss blogging (so please hang in there with me – I’ll be back) but I also miss sleeping thru the night and having a clean (ok, well, cleaner) house, both of which I don’t expect to happen again anytime in the super near future.
I’ve also discovered that I’m more of a multi-taker than I thought. Trying to make dinner, entertain and/or discipline my girlies, and rock the baby to sleep is like trying to tap dance with china plates on my head – doable but tricky.

Who knew I was so skilled at dancing?

Speaking of dancing, I’ve been dancing everywhere since discovering my new ease of movement without a nine month pregnant belly. The other night in the kitchen, I whirled and twirled my way to the music on the radio (with no audience besides my Heavenly Father) – thanking the Lord for the return of a body that can move, jump, bend, and DANCE!

Don’t think I’m whining though – I wouldn’t trade these wonderful days for the world. Soon I’ll turn around, and my tiny baby will be a big boy. I know, because my baby girls keep trying to grow up on me.

I’ll be the first to admit that the first three months of a baby’s life are tough in so many ways. And while I will be glad to have a baby that sleeps more at night and smiles and coos throughout the day, I will enjoy cuddling my tiny baby right now – I will hold him close and kiss his soft downy head and pray for his future.

The laundry will still be there tomorrow....


proudgrits11 said...

Amen to that--laundry can wait!! They do grow up too, too fast!!! So glad you're enjoying the newborn phase. Keep dancin' babe!

Lindsay said...

OH dear friend! I am sure your tummy feels so light, free, and flexible! The belly you had on you while prego was quite the belly. One of the biggest I've seen....and all belly! You did well but I am so glad you are free from that and have a BEAUTIFUL! son in your arms instead!
You will make it through these first 3 months....not really much more to go! I am impressed with you as a mom to 3!!! Love to you! And yes my laundry has been sitting in the hall awaiting the washer since Sat! It's still there! :)

Brandie said...

You are just too precious. I love the way you love your children - and how you pray for them...for what God has planned ahead.

Snuggling with a new baby - isn't that just the best. The way they smell, their soft skin (well, it's supposed to be), the little noises they make when they breathe, the way that they can just curl up on your chest and drift off to sleep land. I wouldn't trade if for anything either. You know, Ella was curled up cuddling with me the other day. She's grown so much - sometimes I wish I could just press pause and sit and enjoy the moment a little longer. With her long skinny arms around mine, I could feel her love and her trust. Priceless.

Oh, friend...I miss you! I wish I could have been your kitchen dancing beside you - wouldn't you know I think we could do that now without our bellies bumping!

Lisa said...

Congrats on your new baby. He is precious! It is SO great to have a non pregnant body again - isn't it!

Tracy said...

Laundry can always wait!! Keep dancin' with that oh so cute body!!