Saturday, July 07, 2007

So Blessed (And So Were They!)


Hello All...although I did ask many of you to be in prayer for my sis-in-law Carmen (pictured above) and her trip to Guetamala, I didn't get to post all of her information here before she started out on her mission trip. She returned safely to my brother's arms (thank you Lord!)late on July 3rd. I haven't yet had the chance to talk to her personally yet (I'll have to rememdy that soon), but I have heard (through my Mom) that her trip was full of ups and downs. I know that Carmen was busy the entire time she was there. She was busy before the trip even began, as she was asked to translate many of the English Bible Study materials into Spanish for their use on the trip. She particpated in adult Bible studies, and played an important role in the Vacation Bible Schools that were held for the children and teens there. These blessed children got to have my sister-in-law love and hug on them as she helped them create amazing crafts (can't wait to see pictures!). Carmen has one of the biggest hearts out of ANYONE I've ever met, and her love for Chris and sharing Him with others is her life's passion. She is extremely bright (she speaks multiple languages fluently) She is one of the most intelligent, warm, compassionate, caring people I've ever met, and I am so blessed and proud to have her as my sister-in-law. I know that she will tell me that she was the blessed one to have been with the people of Guetamala, but I believe that they were as equally blessed to have her there with them too.I haven't yet heard if she'll be posting about her adventures on her blog, but check out her wonderful writings at
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