Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Fourth

Hello Everyone...hope that everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July! This was the first year that both of our girls have been old enough to stay up late enough to enjoy the fireworks (or maybe they could have done it in years past, but their parents were big sissies and didn't want to deal with tired, cranky kiddos)

Anyhoo, the whole day was very family-oriented for me - just the way I like it! My hubby went to a movie/lunch with his Dad and the girls and I hung out with my parents - first at the grocery store, then in the kiddie pool in their backyard, and finally for a big BBQ lunch. The girls went down for a late, looong nap (had to get them all ready to stay up and see the fireworks), and my hubby and I mangaged to sneak a tiny nap in as well. My sis drove all the way from Oklahoma for a visit, and she arrived around 5:30 p.m. (a fourteen hour drive all by herself!!) After she had rested for a few hours, we were all ready to pack up the van and head out to see some fireworks!!

I love fireworks...I could watch them year round - and I often do, thanks to Sunset Point, a fabricated western town owned by a local resort and located just west of our housing development. People rent out the location for parties, which often end with's awesome!! Where was I? Oh yoh....the Fourth

So, we armed ourselves against the record 116 degree weather with frozen bottles of water in a huge icechest, and drove the five mintues to down-town Litchfield Park. (my orginal post included a very long rant inserted here about the heat in Phoenix, but I took it out. It just made me sound whiny...and why be whiny when you can be cute?)
It was all pleasantness from that point on. We found a great free parking spot with no problem. We settled down in a great spot under a tree in front of the pond, with a great view of the pond's new fountain. A small group of people had brought their remote-control boats and the girls watched with delight as the little elctronic boats scooted back and forth on the water. I had bought some glow bracelets and necklaces for the girls, and they oooed and ahhed over them as we all put them on....

ok, so I bought some for myself too..don't you think that glow jewelry stuff is SO MAJORLY COOL?!)

Around 9:00 p.m. the fireworks started - on both sides of us. Behind us, the city of Goodyear shot of their fireworks from the Goodyear Community Park. In front of us, Litchfield Park shot their fireworks up and over the pond, reflecting the bright poofs of light on the water. It was was was...AWESOME! Both of the girls delighted in the colors and sizes of the all the fireworks. After twenty minutes (and two awesome finales!) the last firework fell, and we fought the traffic for our short drive home.

On the way home, I told K-bug about why we celebrated with fireworks. She latched on to the phrase "I love freedom" and went all around the van asking family members, "Do you love freedom, Daddy?", "Do you love freedom, Nonna?" Everyone affiremd that they did, indeed love freedom.

We are so blessed, and for all of you who continue to serve our country and keep us free, we choose to remember and pray for you all. Our gratitude is deeper than words can say.

Thanks for loving freedom!

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