Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Feeling Sluggish...But Hungry


Blargh.....I feel like I'm moving through molasses syrup as the news of my pregnancy has made me stop and take notice of what I thought was just some uncommon fatigue these past few weeeks. That fatigue is probably here to stay for just a few more weeks more, eh? :)

I have been napping when the girls nap, and climbing into bed before my dear hubby each night (and believe me, that does not EVER happen!)

Thankfully, though, all the nausea that I had been feeling these past few weeks is gone. The doctors don't think is connected to my pregnancy. I do, bu we won't be able to tell until I have an ultrasound done sometime in the near future.

Anyway, the nasuea has gone away and my tummy is surprisingly "even" feeling. However, as my nausea has abated, my love for food has increased dramatically. Last night, as we stood around the snack table at Bible study, my friend Brandie (who is also brand-new pregnant) and I had a TEN-MINUTE CONVERSATION ABOUT FOOD.

No kidding...

And it was a passionate conversation that went something like this:

Me: Oh, I just LOVE Guacamole, don't you?
Brandie: I totally LOVE it! I could eat it on everything. What about sour cream?
Me: I ADORE sour cream! I wish I had some right now!
Brandie: Me too! How about some more tahini dip?
Me: Oh, I just LOVE this Tahini dip.
Brandie: Me too! Here, have another pita chip...

Our hands were basically blurs as we had a continous motion of food from the table to our mouths during the conversation.

All-you-can eat salad bars would tremble at the sight of these two hungry mommas...

And I just have to say, that although my dear hubby is already calling me "The Pregnant Princess" I am just absolutely craving a Banana Creme Italian Soda with extra cream......

Maybe my Prince Charming will pick one up for me on the way home from work?
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Brandie said...

I have to say that tahini dip is much better going down then coming up...I'll spare you the details but the minute I got home, my pretty full belly was,well...empty.

:0) Don't think I'll be eating THAT again for a while, but guacamole - that sounds really good.

hehehe, love ya!

Tracy said...

Yes, even though I was not part of the conversation I was of course over-hearing it...and it amazed me how you guys were comparing all the stores prices on avocado's...pretty cute! Anytime you need a snack partner just let me know...and I don't know about this Italian Soda so we are going to have to partake in one of those soon!!

Scott Heine said...

Alright. It's entirely your fault. Here I am, drinking a cup of coffee, catching up on your blog. And I read the line about the salad bar. Laughed so hard coffee came up my nose.

And, Brandie, you poor thing -- I can only imagine the second half of the tahini dip story. Ugh.