Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rejoicing In The Rain!

It's finally arrived - Mosoon 2007. The time when that wet stuff that the rest of the nation knows as RAIN makes a stop in Phoenix, Arizona.

All I can say is - YAAA-HOOO!!!!

And despite being so sick that walking from one room to another can cause dry heaves(sorry...not a pleasant thought, huh?) the girlies and I had just had to stand on our front porch and welcome in the first few rainstorms of the summer monsoon season.

K-Bug had the idea to grab hers and Lorelin's jackets (it was their rain-coats, of course! :) and to put on some hats (You have to have a rain-hat, pics, but I wore a hat too). Last, but not least, K-Bug got out her bearly-used (hee,hee) Care Bears umbrella.

So, we stood on the front porch and watched as the storm rolled in.


At the first hint of thunder, K-Bug said, "Let's go back inside now", but little sister Lorelin would have braved the elements head-on from the driveway if I would have let her.

As it was, the wind blew so much that we managed to get plenty damp right on our front porch. Look at all that rain!! (this is the part where I prayed that I wouldn't drop the digital camera while trying to capture said rain on film..:)

After the storm was over, we, of course, had to go out and splash in the puddles!

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I am thankful to report that the weatherman is calling for a high chance of rain all week, and even now as I write, I hear the sound of raindrops falling.

Thank you Lord for the rain!!


Brandie said...

I really dig that Care Bears umbrella :0) Ella and I certainly enjoy the rain! I wish we could have been splish splashin with you girls.

Are you feeling better?
Can't wait to see you Thursday!
Love ya sisterchickie,

Lindsay said...

I love how you captured the moment! I felt like I was enjoying it with you and the girls!!!!
We are enjoying the monsoons and lightning storms as well. Victoria loves to stare and stare at the sky to be surprised each time it lights up with a lightning stike. This is when the expansive sky and lack of trees can be enjoyed the most!