Monday, July 23, 2007

Roughing It...

I wish I was talking about camping...

Truth is, my morning sickness hit hard over the weekend, and has not let up for a second of relief. I was quite sick with both of my girl's pregnancies, and I guess this one has decided to not be an exception.

I don't remember my other sickness being around-the-clock though...I am literally up at all hours, visiting the bathroom.

Bless my sweet K-Bugs's heart, she has been so sensitive today. As she has found me bent over the toilet, she has given me back rubs, covered me with her blankets, and offered many words of encouragement.

"It's Ok, Mommy"
"You alright, Mommy!"

She even left once and came back with one of my cooking magazines with a "Here's something for you to read, Mommy"

I think Lore-lin is a bit mystified as to why Mommy is in the bathroom so much, but she has proceeded to follow her sister's lead and bring toys and what-not in to me. :)

I have my first OB appointment tomorrow, and I plan to ask for ANY further relief they can give me, as I cannot forsee being completely house (or bathroom)bound for the next two months. I must take care of my girls, and still try to some-what run a household.

In the meantime, I am literally flat on my back, and praying for the weeks to quickly roll by. I know God's grace will carry me, because I can't carry myself. :)


Lindsay said...

We missed you tonight friend! We are praying for you!! "roughing it" doesn't do that justice! I can't imagine!!!! I will touch base with you to hear how the appt goes and how I can help. Love you!

Tracy said...

Oh friend...I don't know what you are going though having never been there, but I am praying that you will get the relief you need!! Loves Ya!

Brandie said...

Oh...NO!!! Miserable! Absolutely, completely miserable!! You are certainly in my prayers. Please let me know how your appt. today goes. Hopefully, there will be relief insight.
Love ya sisterchickie,

PS...Missed you missed you missed you missed you last night :0)

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I remember all too well that horrible sick feeling. I will pray that it passes quickly. In the meantime, get yourself some Honey Nut Cheerios and Fruit Punch Gatorade...that was the only thing that helped with my 36-weeks of morning sickness!

theresa said...

ZOFRAN...ask your doctor for Zofran. It's safe for pregnancy and works almost instantly. I was on it with Claire and it was heavenly. I pray your sickness will be over soon.

And remember, if your nauseated that means the baby is doing just great! :-)