Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Four Month Update: J-Boy

Well, I took J-Boy to his four month check-up this past Monday (although this Friday he will be 4 ½ months old).

He weighed in at a hefty 16 lbs, 10 oz, and although he still has the big pounds, the pediatrician commented on his activity (kicking his legs, etc) and noted that he had dropped some in “percentile points” from his last visit.

She suggested an increase in calories, and based on his current weight and size, she gave the recommendation to start him on rice cereal. This will be a gradual introduction, giving him as many as two weeks of rice cereal before introducing oatmeal a week after, barley the week after that, and then finally starting him on a first fruit or veggie when he is almost six months old.

Ahh…the world of solid foods (and solid food poopies)……here we come!

The pediatrician also commented on how strong J-Boy is. He pulls to stand readily easily, and strains to sit up when laid on his back. He loves to put his fingers into his mouth, and has been quite happy with the recent discovery of his feet and toes.

He is sleeping quite well through the night, and will easily go to sleep around 8:00 p.m., before waking around 5:00 a.m. for a bottle. He returns to bed immediately, and sleeps for a few more hours before awaking in a happy, talkative mood.

Thank you Lord, for a baby who is easy-going and sleeps WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Lorelin was colicky and neither she or I slept well for at least a year}

J-boy is very drooly right now, and although he chews on his hands and fists, I don’t see any evidence of that legendary “first tooth”.

J-boy loves to coo and he LOVES to be talked to. His sisters love to hold him, kiss his head, and can always make him smile and laugh. He also loves to splash and kick his legs in the bath, resulting in one happy baby and one wet Mommy (okay, okay…so I’m happy too)

We are so thankful for the healthy start to J-boy’s first four months. He is our joy and we love watching him grow!

Here are a few snapshots of J-boy and I together. I should have some more “formal shots” coming soon!


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Lindsay said...

J-Boy is such a big sweet boy! It was such a treat to get to hold him, feed him, and smile with him! I hope all ended up to go smoothly with the fixing of your van!

Missy said...

I just want to pinch his cheeks!! :)

Jen said...

Those pictures are adorable!!! I love them!!!

Angela said...

What a handsome boy! Love those cheeks!