Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Don't Look At The TV!

J-Boy is absolutely mesmerized by the bright colors and constant motion to be found on TV. And while we are not opposed to his getting sneak peeks of the flashy screen, we are big believers in not having our children (and most especially babies) particpate in large amounts of viewing at one time.
Soooo, we had the TV on because we were watching the Olympic trials, and J-Boy kept trying to turn his head to stare at the screen. He was sitting in his Bumbo, so I turned him all the way around to face me.
That is when he propped his arm up on the back of the Bumbo, and turned his body completely all the way around so that he could still see the TV.

That stinker!

We couldn't resist sharing a laugh and grabbing this video before we moved him again.


Lindsay said...

That is too cute! Isn't it amazing how that TV can captivate any age!
How fun to watch the trails! I did not catch any of that but I am excited for the Olympics! What is your fav summer olympic activity to watch? It is hard for me to pick one.

Jen said...

That is hilarious!!!!