Friday, February 01, 2008

Safety Bubbles & Your Neighbor

Don't you hate it when something happens that breaks into your personal bubble of "safety"? I remember how violated I felt when my dear hubby's and mine's first car was stolen TWICE and broken into TWICE at the apartment complex we lived in as newlyweds (a word of advice - if you have a Saturn, please make sure to invest in an alarm system....:)
So, this afternoon, there's a ding-dong at the door, and my dear hubby opens it to find a young woman (looked to be in her early to mid twenties). We immediately assume she's a some kind, but she introduces herself as our neighbor - a single lady living down at the end of our street. She was knocking on doors just to inform her neighbors that her house was broken into yesterday. There was a neighbor next door who saw the car, and perhaps the suspects, but didn't know that anything was wrong. They broke in through her front door and then opened her garage to cart away her valuables.
We expressed our surprise and our sympathy, and she expressed a desire to "get to know" her neighbors better, so that we could start to keep an eye out for anything suspicious going on.
The sad part is that she has lived in her house down at the end of the street for as long as we have lived in our house - five years. And we've never met or seen her before. There is nowhere to point the finger except myself. I'm ashamed to say that I've never taken the time or the opportunity to deliver Christmas cookies to my street or to foster that sense of community that I so long for.
I may not be a big fan of Phoenix, and yes, things like this make me want to pick up and move somewhere "safer" as fast as I can. the meantime, while God has planted me here - I want to be a light to my neighbors.
Lord, move in me, fill me, enable me to be that light....

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Lindsay said...

agh. Not fun news! I will be praying for you guys as you deal with this so close to your home. I know it can be quite un-nerving and angering. May God's protection surround you and His peace illuminate in and through you.
If you want info on the neighborhood watch program I might be able to get some for you as one of our neighbors is working on it for our little area.