Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pregnacny Randomness

1. My son might be born on leap year. This was slightly distressing for me for about a millisecond before I thought, “That would be really neat!” Thanks for the encouraging comment from Kim about her own leap year baby.  My dear hubby says he knew a few leap year kids when he was in elementary school and he thought it was SOOO cool that they were born on leap year. So, there you go, my son is cool even before he is born! :)
2.My Mom WILL be back in town on Friday morning, so should be around before or after the baby arrives. Yeah! My Dad will stay on with my Grandma, who is not doing well, but continues to hang on.
3.They have moved me to an earlier time on Friday to deliver, but I am not revealing it here, because there is a good possibility that they will push me back again, so we’ll just have to see if little Joshua WILL be a leap year baby or not!
4.My To-Do list is almost done. I actually even have the carpet cleaner coming tomorrow, so besides getting the taxes done (which means ugh…we still have to do them…) I think we got everything completed. Whew! It’s been work!
5.Here are a few pics of Joshua’s room. I still have colored letters to hang on the walls and a blanket and some pictures to hang, so I’ll post it again when the room is REALLY all done, but at least you can get an idea.



6.One more day of being pregnant – I’ve become SO used to this little guy moving inside me at all times of the day and night. I’ve even become used to the size of my belly and how to walk, etc… is it really only ONE more day?
7.I am starting to feel a cross between excitement about his coming and wondering if I can handle it all….I love my girlies SO much and I have struggled even these last few weeks with feeling like I am spending enough time just loving on them. As a matter of fact, I think I am going to finish up this post and go cuddle on the couch with them while we watch Curious George. One of my last times as a Mom of two

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Crock Pot Mom said...

Praying for you this day ~ may the delivery be a smooth transition, Joshua's gender be a delightful learning experience of blessing, and the time of re-engagement into your family be replete with satisfied exhaustion ~ so glad you have so many caring for you. What a wonderful blessing from above!

Scott Heine said...

Hey, sweetie! I just want you to know that the whole Heine clan will be praying for you tomorrow. We love you! We wish we were there to wrap our arms around you (or try to at least) and share this milestone of joy!