Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines: The Warm-Up Blog

Well, it’s that time of year again – my favorite time of year. Time for VALENTINES!!!!!!!

I love everything about this holiday, and although I enjoy the romance I share with my husband now (and the special story we share…that’s another blog), I have loved Valentine’s Day since I was young.

I used to get the Highlights magazine in the mail, and every year I would do EVERY suggested Valentine’s craft inside. I also made a homemade Valentine’s card for my school-teacher - which, since I was home-schooled, was my Mom - but I did it anyway, just because I thought it was FUN!

When I started my job at Hallmark at the age of seventeen, I loved the fact that there were literally rows and rows of cards for me to look at, and aisle after aisle of Valentines “stuff” to buy. I loved helping the bewildered boyfriends and husbands who rushed in the day before or the day of looking for something to give their girlfriends and wives. As a matter of fact, we had longer lines during Valentines Day than we did at Christmas!

On a deeper note: For me - Valentines Day has always represented a day that I remember my Savior’s deep, wide, amazing, overwhelming, and intimate love for me. And because of HIS great love, I am able to love others. Simple as that. The fact that I love the hearts, and the glitter, and the chocolate doesn’t hurt either…. {smile}


Tracy said...

Well friend, I hope you had a wonderful day of love! It is definitely a day to remember His love for us...and for our fellow Sisterchickies!!
Love Ya!

Tabitha said...

Have we already discussed the fact that I worked at Hallmark for 3 years?? I, like you, LOVED reading all the cards--my rule was, if it brought tears to my eyes, it was "the one." I'm still one of the few who sends "real mail" anymore. It's a lost art.
Hope you enjoyed your Val Day!!