Thursday, February 28, 2008



What can I say? I am aware every day of the fact that I, Stacy, do not deserve the love that is so lavishly poured out on me...

even if I do look really cheesy in this pic...:)

First and foremost, by my Heavenly Father, whose love I cannot ever fully grasp – how wide, how long, and how deep is His love! His love reaches to the heavens. His deep calls to my deep. Everyday I have the chance to drink in new mercies and to live a day that will bring me closer to Him and bring glory to His name.

Secondly, by my family and friends. I have a husband who has loved on me every step of the way of this pregnancy, and two beautiful, fun, and fabulous girlies who bring me joy and delight every day. I believe I have the best friends anyone could ever be blessed with – couples who love my dear hubby and I just the way we are, and girlfriends who care deeply about me. These women encourage me, love me, and pray for me in this journey of life.

SO….that being said, I wanted to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone who has loved us through this pregnancy – it has been a journey - NOTE: it's a rather lengthy post, but I wanted to make sure to include all I could remember.

1.Thank you to everyone who helped to plan, put together, and organize our baby shower on February 17th. It was a VERY fun afternoon, and I LOVED all of the wonderful decorations (especially the cute football field Trace!) and the food. A special thank-you to the ladies (Tracers, Andrea, Jess, Lindsay) who gave up time on their Sunday to show-up early to set-up and decorate and a big thank-you to Lindsay and her husband for helping to organize and provide all of those tables and chairs!! Thank you to Nickle-Pickle for her amazing macaroni and cheese, and everyone else who brought food to share that day. Thank you to all of the families who showed up to support us, and those who supported us even in their absence. It was a perfect baby shower for us, and we were blessed with so many things that we needed.
2.Thank you to my Sisterchicks for SUPER surprising me with an amazing diaper and wipes shower. These chickies brought me sugar-free treats to munch on (thanks girls!) balloons to decorate the house (my girlies have been LOVING the ballons, by the way) and enough diapers and wipies to last us for a while. And even though I was in my pajamas (like I said, I was very surprised) and my house was less than perfect, these ladies still loved on me in such a special way. Thanks to ALL of you for giving up Monday night time with your families to come and surprise me.
3. A BIG Thank-you to Andrea for the use of her highchair and swing for our little guy, and another BIG thank-you to Jen for letting us use your bassinet and other various baby things. Also, to Linds, Jules, and Brand as you have lent me maternity clothes to cover my belly in all of its various sizes.
4.Thank you to all of our doctors, nurses, and specialists who have helped us through nine months of first trimester super-sickness, second/third trimester gestational diabetes, and every other part of this hormonal time. It is safe to say that I truly adore my OB, Dr Mystie Johnson, and her staff has been more than kind to me.
5. Thank you to all of my friends who have encouraged me that I can have this little boy and be OK with being a Mommy to a boy as well as girls.
6. Thank you to the WONDERFUL offers of help - Miss Angela has offered to do everything from painting in my house to watching the girls when I went into labor! You rock Angela!
7.So many others I’m sure I’m not even putting down…my bloggity friends like Tab who have been so encouraging...others who have sent their love and prayers from afar...Carmen, Scott, Margo....and I'm QUITE sure they are more that I am missing.
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proudgrits11 said...

Hey! My name made it in there!! :) You are a special lady with a true "attitude of gratitude." It is a rare and wonderful gift in this world--especially in the end of pregnancy!! :) You are such a special lady--blessings to you always!!