Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well-Read Wednesdays

Well, I have decided to try to add another weekly dose of fun – a day where I can briefly talk about a book or two. Most of you who know me know that I LOVE to read ALL kinds of different books, so this should be fun...especially for me...:)If I get organized enough, I’d love to do some book give-a-ways as well.

Having young ones around has made me very interested in finding high quality children’s books, so today I’m going to talk about two of MY favorite children's books.

The first is called “I’d Be Your Princess” by Kathryn O'Brien.

I found this book on a 50% Christmas sale at Berean. The girls helped to wrap it, and then gave it to their Daddy on Christmas morning. I LOVE the amazing illustrations in this book – very rich, colorful, and engaging.

And even more, I LOVE the story. It is a conversation between a Father and his daughter that begins each page with, “If I were a princess…” And on each page, the Father talks to his daughter about all of the Godly traits that would make her the perfect princess. There is a Bible verse listed on the bottom of each page that correlates to the trait talked about (i.e.. “You are very generous and kind” with Gal. 5:13 – “Serve one another in love”)

The girls beg their Daddy to read this book to them often, and he has often told me that he chokes back a few tears as he reads it to them. This book would be a great Father’s Day present or just one to add to your little girl’s library.

BTW…they have one for Moms and their sons, called, “I’d Be Your Hero.” And yes, I will be getting a copy for my own son - I can’t wait!

The next book is called “You’re All My Favorites” by Sam McBratney.

This has been MY current story to read because it is the simple, but wonderfully told, story about three baby bears who decide to ask their Mom and Dad, “Which one of us is your favorite?” And the Mommy and Daddy affirm each and every baby bear and tell them why they are ALL their favorites!!

I especially love this one because the three baby bears remind me of own soon-to-be three little ones, and just like the story, they are ALL my favorites! The picture below has it shown with the stuffed animals that can be bought with the book (my Mom bought them for our family...thanks Mom!) This book is SO incredibly sweet, and one the girls ask for VERY often

“Will you read it again, Mommy?” “Again? Ok, one more time [smile]…”

I’m always looking for great new children’s books to add to the Smith library…so please tell me, what’s one of your favorites - and you don’t have to have kiddos to answer…like many of you, I loved children's books before I had children to read to!
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Lindsay said...

How funny! I bought both the prince and princess books for Christmas too! I really do like them. What a positive message related to scripture!
I like your well-read Wed idea! Can't wait for more!

Jen said...

WE have "Your All My favorites" as well and really like it! Each of the kids have their own bear and Sofia knows whose is whose. Fun book and fun idea to blog about!!!

Tabitha said...

Great post, keep 'em coming!! I've got the hero book on my to-buy list now--thanks for the tip!! I love books, too, and so does Andrew. I wonder which books will be Joshua's faves?? Just imagine--the girls will be reading TO him soon!! :)