Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday Moment (on Tuesday)

Just wanted to share a smile and an "awww!" moment you today..

You might be a three-year old preschooler named K-Bug if you –
1.Walk through the grocery store calling, “Sour cream, sour cream, where arrrrre yoou?”
2.Offer to let Mommy wear your Tinker-bell panties – “and I’ll wear the pony panties, Mom.”
3.Use your imagination to be a purple kitty, a brown puppy, or a baby tiger (your favorite) - all in one afternoon
4.Can’t pick up your toys because “it might be too scary” [nice try, kiddo]
5.Like to tell the same joke over and over again to EVERYONE - “What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? Arrrrr! {R}” – and then laugh hysterically at the joke yourself
6.Enjoy wearing large pink boots, a red fire-hat, and completing the ensemble with a colored wand
7.Dance and sing your way through the entire day
8.Love to play with your sister (even if you a *little* bit bossy sometimes) and teaching her how to use the potty
9.Offer to share your “flakes cereal” with baby Joshua after he is born – Note: K-Bug doesn’t like her flakes cereal very much, but it was cute to hear her try to pass it off to the baby
10.Bring joy, hugs, smile, laughter and music into our lives every day!!
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Tracy said...

so sweet....,I don't really like flake cereal either..can I share with Baby Joshua??