Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The "List"

As baby Joshua's birth moves ever closer, my brain moves ever faster, and my list of "projects" that I want to get done before his birth gets ever longer. Also, the house is starting to seem smaller and smaller, as the thought of having three kids in our less than 1500 sq ft house is starting to make me feel slightly panicked (I know of several other ladies who have dealt with three kids with even less room, so I know I'll be OK). So, in an effort to get my thoughts out there, I share with you a portion of "The List"
1. Clean out middle bedroom - we're about 3/4 done with this one
2. Paint middle bedroom and possibly master bedroom - we have a guy coming to give us a quote for what he would charge to paint both rooms. If it's too expensive, we'll just paint baby Josh's room ourself and put ours on hold.
3. Decorate nursery - we have Joshua's crib set already. I found this ADORABLE Pottery Barn Dinosaur crib set on Craig's List (I took a picture of the quilt that came wit the set....see below) It was actually in Utah, but the owner was willing to ship to me. I got for it for a GREAT price too - cut stuff at a good price - it makes me happy!

4. Get the girls a big-girl bed for their room - I have had a very frustrated search on Craigs List for a white wooden trundle bed. I have found some online and in the store, but I'm trying to avoid paying $600 for it. We need to move the crib and toddler bed out the search continues
5. FILE TAXES!!! - This one is really important to me. Since my hubby is self-employed, getting all the information together to file our taxes is sometimes a big job. We have a great CPA who does the heavy lifting for us, but again, beacuase we are self-employed we have to pay all of our taxes, etc. that my dear hubby has been saving all year long. I'm ready to know exactly where we stand with the dear ol' IRS.
6. Put in new flooring in kitchen and bathrooms - This one will happen if we get a return on our taxes (which thanks to the Economic Stimulus Package passing, we will get a return of some kind). We are looking to hire a private party to put in wood laminate in the kitchen and washroom and put tile in the bathrooms.
7. Clean out garage - Yup, I want it staight and clean. Right now it's a definite mess. Don't have a total reason as to why this is so important to me, except for nesting reasons.
8. Get girls spring wardrobe - I usually start buying in February to get the girls' spring wardrobe going. This year I would really like it ALL done before the baby comes, because I know I'm NOT brave enought to shop with a preschooler, a toddler, and a newborn. :)

Well, that's it, the BIG stuff that I want to get done before Joshua is born. I don't know if I'll go full-term or be induced early, and this only increases the urgency in my mind.

I read the Bible story to the girls last night about Jesus commanding the wind and waves to "Peace-be still". Today K-Bug told me, "Does Mommy need to be still?" And, I told her, "Oh, yes, Mommy needs to be still too"

Lord, help me to be still before you, and commit this "list" to you!
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Lindsay said...

You are becoming so organized! :) making lists and accomplishing tasks around the house! You go! I am encouraged by your efforts!!!! Especially whole you are so prego! Don't forget to rest too! :) If it doesn't get all done that is ok. I just can't wait for you to have baby Joshua in your arms and to see the girls interact with him! What a blessing!

Tabitha said...

Whoa, Nelly, that's quite a list!! You're so ambitious!! I just know it'll all get done "in time," whether it's the ideal timeline or not! :) Love the dino bedding--praying you'll find the prefect bed for the girls SOON! Hang in there, lil' Mama! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!