Friday, January 11, 2008

Pregnancy Update - 30 Weeks


Ok, so I’m not technically 30 weeks yet, but I will be next Monday, so I thought I would just go for the nice, round number and take it from there.

As you can see, my belly has swollen to sizes that would make Farmer Brown’s Melon farm mighty proud – it is huge! Everywhere I go, people ask the natural “When are you due?” question, and I’ve almost gotten to the point of expecting them to be completely taken aback when I tell them that I’m not due until March!

Yes, people, hang on to you hats – in all likelihood, I will get bigger!

In other news, I took my normal glucose test a few weeks ago and failed, causing me to be sent for the longer, three-hour glucose test, which I took last week. My doctor’s office called me this past Tuesday to tell me that I had failed that test too – which means I am officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

What does that all mean? I’m not exactly sure yet. They gave me some information on the phone, asking me to come in for yet another blood draw, informing me that my days of eating sugar were officially over (for now), and that I would be sent for some “diabetes education” in the near future.

I did some research online, and have been trying to follow a five mini meals, low-carb, no sugar, high protein diet. I definitely have noticed that my mornings have been rough the past week or so – I wake up feeling sick, light-headed, and sometimes dizzy to the point of whiting-out (or feeling like I might pass out). Now that I know this diagnosis, it’s making sense to me that my blood sugar is probably taking a not-so-pleasant dip first thing in the morning. I’m going to try to eat some protein (like raw almonds) first thing in the morning, and then make sure that I get a good breakfast.

Thankfully, it sounds like I have a rather mild form of the diabetes, and although I will be subject to more tests (and MANY more blood draws) it sounds as though I can control it through diet and some mild exercise. I will know more after my regular OB appointment this afternoon.

I was also diagnosed a few weeks ago with some anemia, but some iron added to my daily pre-natal has definitely helped with that.

Otherwise, my little monkey of a baby is busy rolling and kicking most of the time.

Oof! There he goes right now…

As much as I have some discomfort, I am so thankful for a growing, healthy baby boy. I ask for your prayers for a continued healthy pregnancy, even as I manage the new diagnosis of the diabetes.
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Lindsay said...

Any news from the doc this afternoon?

Brandie said...

Love the belly shot you super cute thing! :0)
You are 3/4 of the way there my friend. I'm keeping you and your melon in my prayers daily. Let me know how your belly check today went.
Hugs - hugs- HUGS!

Angela said...

It was so great seeing you and Brandie with your "beautiful bellies". If you want a crash course in diabetes email Judy St. John. Her husband has been a diabetic for several years.

Maybe we should get you a shirt that says. "I'm due in March. No more questions Please".

You are such a trooper through this all!

Julie Johnson said...

What a smoochy belly! Hang in there friendy.

Crock Pot Mom said...

You look beautiful! ~ I pray that you soon feel stabilized amidst the new challenges. (third babies always sprout bellies faster) ;-) Perhaps with the diabetes the due date will be moved up a couple weeks (hence, today could be thirty) :-) Blessings on your week.