Monday, January 28, 2008

I Am.....

Soooo incredibly tired. I don’t know if it’s just pregnancy at 33 weeks, my gestational diabetes (although my blood sugar is currently holding pretty steady), if my iron might be low again, or if my body is just trying to recover from this past week. It was one of our busiest to date. Here’s a quick overview –

1.We took the girls to the zoo and Rainforest Café’ on Martin Luther King Jr Day since my dear hubby had the day off. It was busy (and boy did my feet hurt from all that walking at the zoo!) but LOTS of fun!
2.I had TWO doctor’s appointments – one with the specialist for the diabetes and tummy check with my regular OB.
3.THREE different shopping trips – one to Wal-Mart, one to Sprouts, and one to Costco. All of them were for much needed groceries.
4.We also went on Friday to look at a trundle bed for the girls room that I found on Craig’s List. It turned out not to be what we needed, but that’s OK
5.Saturday was a baby shower (that I was helping to plan) and Sunday was full with church and an afternoon birthday party…..WHEW!!!

Interestingly, one of mine and my dear hubby’s goals for 2008 is to be more intentional about slowing down. We’ve decided to do that by actually scheduling weekends on our calendar where we write the word “NOTHING” in bold, black letters. And then, we simpy say “No” to 99% of things that are going on that weekend. It’s been a little tough for me, as I have had to say “No” to more than my share of offers, but it’s been SO incredibly good for us too. We’ve already scheduled two nothing weekends in February, wrapped on both sides of two weekends packed full of events.

Slowing down is good – and this week is nice and open, with no events in site……maybe I’ll go and take a nice, long, hot shower, and put my fuzzy slippers on (and maybe even blog a bit more than I have been!)



Jen said...

Such a great idea to write, "Nothing" on the calendar!! I'll have to adopt that one from you. I'm glad to hear that you have a nice slow week to rest and just "be"!!! Have a good one and enjoy every second, my friend!

Tracy said...

yes blogging more would be good!! Slowing down would be better!! It is hard to do but it is so well worth it!

Lindsay said...

This is a great idea! I can see how wonderful it will be and also how hard it is to say no to things for a weekend. I think we might have to give this a go too! :) rest up my friend!