Friday, June 29, 2007

Update Tummy Ache...

Hello All,
Just wanted to send out a quick post to let everyone know that I had an ultrasound done yesterday on my abdomen. My doctor's office called this morning to let me know that everything had come back all clear. YEAH!! While I am bafffled on the one hand, I am very thankful on the other. Thank you Lord that so many things that could have potentially been "serious" have been ruled out. I will go back to see the doctor in another week, so if I'm still having the pain/nausea I'm guessing we'll take a new course.
Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers.

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Tracy said...

Well I am glad that nothing serious has been found...but I am sure that it is frustrating to not really know what is going on! I will continue to pray for you to get over this soon!!