Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Lore-lin!

Hooray, hooray, today is the day - Miss Lorelin turns two! (okay, so yesterday was the day, I'm a little delayed in getting out the post...:) You might be able to tell a little from her picture, but Lore-lin is a rather long-legged girl, coming in at the 99% percentile for her height at the last pediatrician's check-up. More than her height though, Lore-lin has grown up and into our hearts in SO many ways. Here's just a snapshot of our beautiful girl:
Favorite Book: Twinkle, Twinkle (Christian Mother Goose Version)
Favorite Food: Cold Cereal
Favorite Program: Little Einsteins
Favorite Toy: Anything that Sissy is playing with!
Favorite Comfort Item: Fuzzy striped blanket
Favorite Saying: "Wazzat?" (what's that?)
Lorelin IS: Very Snuggly
Lorelin IS NOT: In diapers anymore - It's Pull-Ups now as we PT
Lorelin Enjoys: Bubbles, balls, puzzles, swimming, and playing outside
Lorelin Does Not Enjoy: Trying new foods or meeting new people
Lorelin LOVES: To play with her family &
WE LOVE LORELIN!! Happy Birthday!
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Brandie said...

No more diapers? Yipee!!
I remember when your baby girl was in your belly - my how she has grown!! Love ya sisterchickie