Monday, June 11, 2007

Think Cool Thoughts...

Well, folks, here it is...summer in Phoenix. Today is actually supposed to be in the high 90's - everyone here is talking about how "cool" it is today (evidence that the heat really does warp our minds), but the rest of the summer will be in triple digits. It's like baking in a large oven set to BROIL...To be honest, I DREAD the summers here. I'm definitely a chilly-weather kind of girl. I will take a winter sweater and pants over shorts and tank-top anyday. The heat seems to sap my energy, and make my cranky. SO, in a spirit of postive thinking and being THANKFUL, I decided that I would focus on those things that I like, even love, about the summer season. :)
1. Sandals - all of those adorable sandals and cute flip-flops in twenty different colors! And what a great excuse to get a pedicure and show off your well-manicured tootsies!
2. Watermelon - I plain ol' love watermelon! And it's a summer fruit, to be sure. I have GREAT childhood memories of the watermelon festival that our little church used to host each summer.We had seed spitting and watermelon eating contests among other things - it was a BALL!
3. Sno-Cones - Another fond childhood memory - getting sno-cones after spending a day at the pool...a special treat! If there was a Sno-Cone shop near us (don't you think there would be more in Phoenix?) my kiddos and I would probably try a new flavor every week. My favorite as a kid was called "Tiger's Blood" (mmm, sounds yummy, right?) It was a cinnamon-cherry combo...
4. Swimming - Cooling off in the pool has always been a favorite past-time. With K-bug taking swim lessons for the first time this year, both of my girlies are both turning into regular little fishies who LOVE to be in the water!
5. Sun-Dresess - to go with the cute sandals and flip-flops of course. While I am NOT a big shorts-wearer, I love the comfort, ease, and cuteness factor of a sundress. Thanks to gifts from my family and friends, I was able to hit the racks at Old Navy and find two dresses that I love! (my Mom has asked me if I plan to wear them every day, and I could give some attention to other items in my wardrobe...but I digress...)
6. The Beach - I love the beach anytime of the year. But my entire family always gets the urge to migrate toward San Diego in the summer, and so, of course, we are headed back this August for another round of san, sun, and surf (and Sea World too...)
7. Fourth Of July - Really, truly, one of my favorite holidays on the calendar is fourth of July. I love remembering and celebrating our country's independence. I love that everyone wears red, white, and blue! I love the BBQs and all of the trimmings. But most of all, I love, FIREWORKS! As a matter of fact, it's hard to tell who gets more excited about seeing them - my kiddos or me.
8. Iced Tea - This is one of my favorite drinks anway, but nothing tastes quite so good when it's super-hot outside. I'm currently drinking a Herbal Rasberry-Blueberry blend. I'll try new flavors (most of them fruity) all summer long. Come over and have a glass with me!

I'm sure I could think of even more, but to be honest, I'm feeling better already. Happiness, even in the midst of a Phoenix summer, is a choice. Dear Lord, thank you for filling my cup of joy to overflowing and for blessing me with so much more than I deserve. May I refresh myself daily in You!

Now it's your turn! What do YOU love about the summer?

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