Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Perfect Park Day

For some, a perfect February day might include snowmen, snow angels, and hot chocolate. In Phoenix, Arizona, it includes green grass, warm weather, playground equipment....and, of course, a good friend. Last week I met my friend Lindsay at the park for a picnic lunch and playtime. She has a little girl about K-Bugs age and the most adorable son, just starting to pull-up from crawling. My girls and her daughter are just reaching that age where they actually want to explore play and interaction with someone else "their size". We let the kids play on the playground, munched on sandwiches, took the older girls to go potty, and then decided to have some playtime on the grass with varous size balls that Lindsay had stashed in her SUV. All of this might some boring for me to write about, but it was the impression the day had on my heart that matters to me. It was simply enjoying my children - like the way that K-Bug and Lindsay's daughter went around holding hands, and the cute way that Lore-lin's hips swivel when she ran after the balls in the grass. It was the way the grass tickled my bare feet, and the sun shone on my face, and the conversation was comfortable, casual, and deep all at the same time. It was quite simply, a perfect morning for me - enjoying being in God's creation, and surrounded by those I hold dear. I don't want to forget it - truly, I wish to slow down often enough to repeat it as much as possible.

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Andrea said...

Aren't those moments so special? I love having memories like these that are so pure and simple...only another mom or Sisterchick could truly understand the signifigance of such a day. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time!