Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Valentine's Day - Part 1

Those who are know me (and especially those who happen to go to Bible Study with me), know that I am slightly obssessed with Valentine's Day. As a matter of fact, my friend Lindsay just told me last night that all of the Valentine's books at Barnes and Noble are 50% off, and I have literally been thinking ALL day that I need to go and get some for next year. I bought window clings (K-bug went around counting all the hearts on the window), spent an afternoon painting and decorating Valentine's with the girls, and basically found an excuse to stop at the Valentine card section whenever I went grocery shopping. My dear hubby only ended up with two Valentine's cards, even though I wanted to buy him at least a dozen, and I made up some Valentine's packages to send to my brother, sister, and their respective spouses across the country. I bought the girls Valentine's dresses (matching, of course) and make the trek (with dear hubby in tow) into Kiddie Kandids to get Valentine's pictures (we were happy to get even ONE good shot though, since Lauren decided to not cooperate during picture time.....that's another story...).
So, you get the picture, that I am Ga-Ga over this holiday. The truth is, I always have been. I have vivi childhood memories of Valentine's. I rememer getting Highlights magazine, and each year, turning to the craft section to see what the Valentine's crafts were. Then, I did ALL of them -every single one. Even though I was homeschooled, I made my Mom a special "teacher's" valentine. In college, I worked for a few years at a Hallmark store, and Valentine's was OUR day (I know that many of you men out there complain that it always has been Hallmark's day). Anyway, I LOVED it! I loved helping the men find cards, gifts, etc for their wives, girlfriends, and family members. Each year, from opening to closing, a wall of men would strech in a line that went all the way to the door. :)
As I grew in my love for the Lord, I would always take extra time on Valentine's day to remember His awesome love for me. So, what an amazing gift the Lord gave me, when I met my hubby on Valentine's Day. My best friend, Christy, and I had just gone out for pizza and a movie (we agreed to be each others dates, sinces we were "dateless" on this particular V-Day). Brian had just come from his Grandmother's funeral, and was hanging-out at Christy's house with Christy's older brother, Rob. My dear hubby jokes that it was the handshake that went on forever, but our lives both changed that day. The Lord started our love story on that day - and every Valentine's since, we celebrate Bri-met-Stacy Day (or vice versa). This year is our Tenth anniversary of the day we met - WOW! My dear, sweet husband - you rock my world!

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