Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Valentine's Day - Part 2

I have to so much to say about this holiday, I couldn't even fit it all in one post. I have to tell you about the WONDERFUL experience of the Valentine's exchange that my women's bible study did - I love my batch of Sisterchicks SO much! It really was one of the higlights of my Valentine's experience this year. Due to my large affection for Valentine's Day, I lightly suggested - or strongly forced- I don't remember....:) that we do a Valentine's exchange among all the women in our group. Most of the women were open to the idea, but were a little unsure of what to bring, what to do, etc....
The night came, and everyone's creativity came out in the form of cards, candy (thanks, Nickle Pickle, for the edible bracelets which everyone crunched on the rest of the night), and Bible verses. The love that these gifts displayed was overwhelming, and while our little Valentine's goodie bags were full to the brim, I know that my heart was overflowing with the gift of friendship that each of the Valentine's represented. I haven't been able to let go of the cards - I made Brandie's butterfuly into a magnet for my fridge!
The greatest gift of all is the irresistable love of Jesus, who romances us, pursues us, and loves us with a love that we can NEVER be seperated from!

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Tracy said...

I think it was "forced" but as we all admitted the other night, it was a welcome force!! For me it was the only positive part of Valentine's so it was great fun to celebrate with new friends! Thanks for the push! Love Ya!